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My name is Alyssa Nicole Raven. And despite what some people may think, I like my name. It's different. I have been writing for ten years, since I was five. And if you want proof, look at my kindergarten report card comments. My teachers' comments are my tangible proof that yes, I did have writing talent since I could hold one of those big fat pencils that say, "My first Ticondaroga!"

I am really short, probably the height of a tall fifth grader; and if no one knows what the height of a tall fifth grader is, it is about 4'11". Yes I am done growing, yes I am short, yes I have handicap on my license for my height, and yes, I am a legal dwarf. No, I do not particularly mind.

Lastly, I will depart with a quote from my (online) journal...

"The fly cleans its eyes, the bee cleans its antennae, and the grasshopper cleans its legs... come to think of it, bugs are the cleanest creatures on the planet..."