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Hello, and welcome to my lair, if this can be called that. My name's Pink Parka Girl - obviously not my real name, bakas! - queen of bad puns and annoying agonizing alliteration. And if those simple facts haven't scared you off yet, feel free to read on...
About Me - not that you want to know, but still...

Real Name: Alyssa. I know, it's horrible. At least it's better than what my mom was originally going to name me...Deven. *shutters*

Age: 17! I AM 17 NOW! HAHAHAHAHA!!! :-P I'm a junior at Oxblow (it's really Oxbow) High School...I've been a member since I was fourteen! ^_^

Location: Bradford, Vermont. I hate Vermont. I want to move back to Somers Point, New Jersey. I mean, Somers Point has the Bayshores II. And the Custard Hut. And the Stern's Shop Rite! ^_^ What can be cooler than that?

Hair Color: Blonde…but I’m not a ditz!

Eye Color: Very light blue, kinda like the color of slate. ^^

Nationality: I’m a stupid American. :-P

Popularity: I’m the biggest loser in my grade…and I’m not exaggerating. But I really don’t care. I have a few good friends, both IRL and online, and that’s all I need, not all those superficial clique members and mindless bigots that are at my school. ^_^


Gijinkas: A chimera-type (NOT anthropomorphic!) version of any non-mythological imaginary creature. I find jackalope gijinkas particularly amusing. ^_^ And a chimera is a human with non-human features, such as tails, horns, or paws. :-P

Anthropomorphic/Chimera rodent characters: They totally kick ass! (especially SQUIRRELS!!!) :-P And so much more interesting than all those millions of cats and foxes. ^_^

Writing: If I didn't like writing, I wouldn't be here!

Drawing: My pictures are crud, but still, I like drawing anyway.

Reading: I am a HUGE bookworm - I have 205 novels about animals, anthropomorphics and chimeras ALONE.

Roleplaying: Be it online or a video game, I love it.

Talking online: It's fun to chat and get to know people.

Getting non-junk e-mails: Something that doesn't happen often.

Conker: I love this squirrel. He's the coolest damn video game character in the world. And he soooooo cute! *hugs the stuffing out of him*

Cartoons: I love anything animated.

South Park: A cool cartoon during its early seasons (1,2, some Season 3 and 4 eppys), even if its creators are HUGE assholes (with emphisis on the 'huge'). Kyle is freakin’ adorable!

Pocket Monsters: Go ahead, laugh. But it IS a fun game, and besides, the creatures are oh so CUTE! Besides, I love gijinka versions of them more than almost anything. *stupid grin* And just because I like it doesn't mean you have the right to harass me, send me hate mail or needlessly flame my fics like so many have done. Nothing angers me more than some shallow-headed bigotry. And to all those bigots, I have only this to say to you: GROW UP.

Cats: Cute, independent companions. :-)

Dogs: Loyal and loveable. Woof!

Red squirrels: Quite possibly the cutest animals in existence.

PETA: A group that fights to save animals, AND encourages celebrities to take their clothes off. :P Genreally, they’re respectable people, but I don’t like how some of them seem to be…well…insane. They give all of us sane peeps a bad name.

NAVS: Dissection is cruel and disgusting. This group tries to put a stop to it! :)

Fake cappichino: So it's not ‘real’. Who the hell cares? It tastes GREAT!

Fritos: Quite possibly the greatest non-sweet snack food known to man.

Keebler iced animal cookies: They're especially good frozen! ^_^

Tastykakes: These New Jersey sweet treats are the greatest thing ever. I especially adore the chocolate donuts and Butterscotch Krimpets! Why can't they sell them in Vermont, godammit?


School: IT SUCKS!

Anti-fiction: Don’t even get me started on this one. It’s so pointless and shallow, and just plain crude and offensive. I will do anything in my power to completely eradicate it and its bigoted writers from the face of the Internet.

Math: It’s evil I tell you! Evil! *runs away screaming*

Leeches: The only bug (other than centipedes) I’m really frightened of. I hate them. They’re so damned disgusting. I want them to burn!

Feline/Canine anthropomorphic/chimera characters: THERE’S TOO MANY OF THEM! *bangs head against the wall* DIE YOU EVIL CATS AND FOXES! DIE! IT SEEMS THAT MOST FURRY ARTISTS ARE INCAPABLE OF DRAWING ANYTHING ELSE! AND ALMOST ALL THE FURRY/CHIMERA BOOKS I HAVE ARE ABOUT – YOU GUESSED IT! – CATS AND FOXES! *dies* porno emails: They’re so annoying…they drive me completely insane. What use have I for a massive horse cock? I’M A GIRL!

My dial-up Internet: It’s SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SLOW! *keels it*

Most of the people at my school: Dicks, the lot of them.

When my computer doesn’t work: Which is about all the damned time…

Hypocrites: They drive me INSANE!! Especially those judgemental Christian types like Jerry Falwell, who seriously needs to get his head out of his ass and acknowledge the fact that homosexuals and Pagans and all other opresssed groups are just as deserving as he is.

Bigots: As I said earlier, nothing bugs me more than people who hate other people based on their race, nationality, sex, age, sexual oriantation, religion, or what they choose to like. It's a free country. We don't need people like the KKK fouling it up for all of us.


I love to write and draw, I also enjoy coin collecting and Internet surfing. :-P

How to find me:

AIM: Pink Parka Girl is my main name, though if you’re lucky you may find me on as Shiny Squirrely. :-P

MSN: I’ve never on it though.

Yahoo: Pink_parka_girl. I’m never on this either.

ICQ: 99008428. I haven’t used ICQ in forever because it really kinda sucks.

Amazon.Com: My name here is Mistress of Furry. :-P Stuff

Current Fandoms: As of now, my main fandom is Pocket Monsters (Pokémon), though I also write South Park fiction. ^_^ I plan to enter the realm of Conker’s Bad Fur Day fiction soon as well…

Original Work: Generally just stuff I write for school…I plan to try writing some poetry and a fantasy story soon, though.


South Park:

Down South Neo: The New Revelation! Chapter 5
Kyle goes to consult with Lily about being a member of the Genius Team - but gets more than he bargained for when Stan plays a trick on him! :-P

Pocket Monsters:

I Dream of Juggies (Brock and Nurse Joy write a Fanfic): Self explanatory, methinks. :-P Projected rating = PG-13

Sunrise chapter 8: Kyle Richards meets his first "outer" boy - and doesn't make a good impression. He wonders if he should just go back "home" to the lab...but that’s before he meets a very unusual someone…

Totally Trippy Pokemon! (Totally Trippy Pt. 2): As soon as I can find another episode script to rip to pieces, expect an update hyar. :-)

Conker's Bad Fur Day:

A Forgotten Memory (projected title): Conker longs to see Berri again, so badly he makes a pact with a mysterious ambassador from a strange land, who promises he can reunite them without death on Conker's part. But things turn out stranger than the poor squirrel thought - he wakes up in a totally different world in a strange new body - as a squirrel/human hybrid! Turns out Berri's been reincarnated into a very pretty prostitute - but will Conker ever be able to win her love again? Projected rating = PG-13

The Fairly Oddparents:

The Furry Oddparents! (definite title): Not sure of storyline as of know - all I know is that it will involve hybrid characters. ^^


The Heros of Whiskey Drey: The squirrelmorphs of Whiskey Drey lived a happy life, until a raging army of cats and foxes from the Outerlands threaten to destroy their home. Can Perri and Porro (yes, I AM making an illusion to Felix Salten here), two squirrel children, do anything to save their home land? Projected rating = PG

Also expect some poetry. ^_^

I don't know how many of these fics will actually get written - this is a projected list. Maybe all of them, maybe none. Maybe only two or three. Anyway, happy reading what does get completed!

Fanfic Characters!

Who they are (in creation order)

1. Tidge Thunderclap 1999, magical human
2. Salamenche Devereaux 1999, magical human
3. Suzanne Parkhurst 2000, human
4. Kyle Richards 2001, genetically enhanced human
5. Katherine Richards 2001, pokemorph
6. Porro Kula 2001, squirrelmorph
7. Perri Shadowgrey 2001, squirrelmorph
8. Roy G'Biv 2001/2002, human
9. Jenny Jones 2002, human I only half own this character

Now for some trivia ^_^

First: It depends on how far back you want to to...the earliest I can remember is a goat named Wasoo-Wasoo (aka 'The Goat') I created for a story about Nintendo's Mario when I was eight or some age around then. He wasn't a very nice goat, either - he was always zapping stuff with his massive large horns or something like that. An adapted version of Wasoo-Wasoo later made an apperence in my first 'official' South Park fic, "The Drought of Wasoo-Wasoo", which I wrote as a seventh grader. Other early characters include a cat who I created to be a foe for Toby Terrier (who remembers him? ^_^), and also a mad scientist who liked to turn people half-rabbit (even as a little kid I had a thing for morphies :-P). My first fankid of the new school group (whice started late 1999) was Tidge Thunderclap, the brash, unfriendly were-Pikachu with Tourette's Syndrome (or something similiar to that) who had to deal with a rather harsh case of mistaken idenity in "The Most @*^#! Up Fanfic Ever", cowritten with Namir Swiftpaw. In late 2000, he evolved into a kindly British (and human!) cousin of Kyle Brofslovski's dubbed Timothy Joseph "Tidge" Matthew Brofslovski, who was always willing to help out. It took until early to mid 2002 for Tidge Brofslovski to return to being Tidge Thunderclap, alebit with his swearing toned waaaaaaaaaay down and his shapeshifting reversed ^_^

Most Recent: I belive this would by color-loving Roy G'Biv

Most Well-Known: Suzanne Elizabeth Parkhurst, the sheep-shagger from West Virginia who appears in 'Down South' as a lonely little girl on her last limb, her father who knows where and her mind haunted by dreams she cannot understand. She's probably my most well-known because she's the one I draw the most and the one who really gets featured in stories (both Down South and Kenny's Christmas feature this character rather heavily).

Least Well Known: Obviously Roy and Jenny, since they don't appear in any stories posted here.

Most Story Apperences: Suzie Parkhurst

Least Story Apperences: Roy G'Biv, the color-loving dreamer who loves to babble more than anything, appears in one story but none on this site. Jenny Jones (who insists on being called 'Ja~Ja Studebaker'), the dramatic (and idiotic) 1920's holdover, is in two stories but none on this site.

Most Likely to Succeed: Yes, my characters can have superlatives! ^_^ Anyway, I'd believe these would be Suzie Parkhurst and Jenny Jones, consitering they're the ones who are going to appear in a real, PUBLISHED book. ^_^ As soon as it gets finished, that is...and I don't know when THAT will be...

Least Likely to Succeed: Poor, unknown Roy G'Biv, probably.

Best Buds: Hmmm...I think this would be Porro Kula and Perri Shadowgrey, my two cute little squirrely-morphies ^_^

Worst Enemies: Probably Roy and Jenny - they may both be idiots, but Jenny believes herself to be smarter ^_^ And therefore ignores Roy most of the time, which hurts the poor color boy's feelings :-(

Friendliest: Suzie's probably the most social - she seems to have the least 'problems' out of all my characters O_o

I'll add more here about me and my characters as soon as I have a spare minute ^_^ Anyway, please review my stuff! Please! But don't flame! If you have something bad to say, be constructive, not an asshole. Thanks for reading!

~Pink Parka Girl

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