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^_^ I'm Pikachumaniac (although I never write for Pokemon nor do I ever want to), but you can call me PM cause we all got a lazy streak... or at least I do. What, just because I enjoy writing 20 page stories and changing my profile as spontaneously as the weather changing, I was actually active and unlazy?

Age: Anywhere from 13 - 52. It's not that I don't want you people knowing, it's just that I want to see how many people figure it out.
Home: Hmm... school... no, just kidding... *pause* Really, I am. I live in California.
Hobbies: Sitting on my butt... not kidding. I read, write, and draw, spending most of the summer doing those things except when I have to study and watching TV. Actual book author recommendations at the moment will be David Sedaris and Bill Bryson... they're both great writers and really funny. :)

I write mainly for Yu-gi-oh, although you probably can't tell by my stories... Maybe I'll do some more Cardcaptor Sakura and Digimon fics when I have the capacity to do so. I have a ton of fics rotting in my computer, and my goal is to finish all of them. Yeah right... it, unfortunately, takes me an average of a couple months to finish a fic. In the meantime, there's always my collabs with pinkangelsakura, since we mainly write for Digimon and might dip into some CCS. I'm considering writing about Tales of Eternia (the anime), Shaman King, and Saint Tail, but it'll have to wait.

My favorite characters are (there's so many!)...
Yami no Yuugi, Otogi Ryuuji, Bakura Ryou(Yu-gi-oh)
Yue (CCS)
Shaibel Keel (Tales of Eternia)
Kido Jyou, Izumi Koushiro (Digimon)
Lance Alvers (X-Men: Evolution)

I'm going list some of my works in progress, the ones that I believe I will definitely finish. But as you might have noticed, it keeps changing...

The Sick Rose ~ Yu-gi-oh; Seto*Yami, Katsuya*Ryou, Mai*Anzu - Yami's a prostitute? AU, Seto is an arrogant businessman that gets a nice lesson in humility when he is introduced to the guy that's going to turn his life upside down.

Pieces of Jade ~ Yu-gi-oh; Hiroto*Ryuuji - A combining of the anime and the manga; Ryuuji's father comes into his son's life, if only for the purpose of ruining Ryuuji's life...

Spring Tulips~ Yu-gi-oh; Seto*Yami, Yuugi*Yami (Yuugi-seme, Yami-uke) - Jealousy and insanity lead to a teen's mind being completely destroyed as he comes to grips with his guardian distancing from him. Too bad he won't stand for it.

Look the Other Way ~ Sequel to "Fairydust"; :p Not giving away the story! NEH! *sticks tongue out* Seto*Ryou

My favorite couplings are:
Taishiro, Daishiro, Yamajyou, Jyoumi, Kouyako (Digimon)
Touya*Yukito/Yue, Clow*Yue, Eriol*Kaho, Syaoran*Sakura, Terada*Rika (CCS)
Seto*Yami, Katsuya*Ryou, Mai*Anzu (I do write shoujo-ai), Yuugi*Anzu, Hiroto*Ryuuji, Seto*Ryou (Yu-gi-oh)

And I still hate Yamami.

^_^ Hope you enjoy my little contribution to insanity. It's not much, but I am proud of it.

Randomness: February 4, 2003
1. This is probably my last note because I'm going to be busy... But even though I'm now used to Pegasus's Japanese voice, it's kinda creepy.
3. I've decided to concentrate on the sequel to "Fairydust", so look forward to that story... probably February 23rd? I would like to do it earlier, but I don't think I have time to finish it by the 16th.
4. As a side thing, I'm going to work on "Spring Tulips" as a once-a-month update story... hopefully. That story still refuses to be written, but I think once a month is okay because it's only 5 chapters long. The only problem is that it's going to be 5 LONG chapters.
5. If I don't do "Spring Tulips", I'm going to do "The Sick Rose". It's the only story I've been able to get work done on, but my hope is that I finish "Spring Tulips" first because it's just more convenient.
6. I have a couple one-shots that I would like to finish in the meanwhile, so pardon me if I don't start publishing "Look the Other Way" and "Spring Tulips" by the end of the month.
7. *falls over* I have cute, cute, cute picture of Ryuuji-kun sleeping... I want to see that episode now, but I think it'll take at least another month for the DVD set to come out. *bawls*

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