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Hello all,

Wow you must be either as crazy as me or really bored to be looking at my profile.

I'm 15 and a Star Wars fanatic. I love writing, and reading other's writing so really joing seemed like the natural thing to do. I've recently started to grace you with my own stories, lucky you!

I love angst, romance and humour. I'm sarcastic by nature, so expect a lot of that to show through in my stories. Even if you look hard enough, there's some irony in my maiden fic, Hard to Break, Harder to Fix despite its serious complexity. Ah well.

My favourite characters are obviously the people I torture *ahem* I mean, write about. Qui and Obi are the best, you can give them so both of them so much angst and romance it's unbelievable. And, they're Lords of Sarcasm which is even better when I write a cute little parody *grin* So, most of my stories will be about those two. Although, all the other Jedi will be, of course, given the typical jedi monkey humour ^-^

I love you all for the great things you said about HTBHTF! Thanks! More stuff coming soon... hopefully!

Have fun everyone! That's what's most important.

At your service eternally,
jedi monkey