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I just found a new obsession a few weeks ago- DRAGON BALL Z!!! It's an awsome show!

HP-Draco/hermione, Harry/Ginny, Ron/Lavender
DBZ- Vegeta/Bulima, (obviously) ChiChi/Goku


To love or not to love- This was my first story. I don't really know what other people think about it, but i think that it sucked. O well. Every creative writer must have at least one bombed story... No sequel. Sorry.

The dark world of pain- Well, it's finished! after 17 chapters, part ONE is finished! Chapter 12 was a little, ahm, different, but like i always say, i am twisted. Anyone who knows me knows how i react to gore on movies (laughing, throwing popcorn, ext. ext.) SO any flames -cough-cough- are pretty pointless because i think that they are rather amusing.

Hermione's years after- I never really got into this story so i will not be continueing it. It was very difficult to write, so i will leave it as a one chapter story.

Bleeding Heart- This story has not been posted yet but i will post it asap. i am going to write the first 5 chapters or so and post them every other day or somthing in that area. You can expect it out sometime in late Feb. or early March. Sorry about the delay. i need a breather though.

Unforgivable- Ok this is a compleatly different Draco/Hermione fic that i have started. The first two chapters (prolouge and the first chapter) are an introduction. Once I really get into this story, well, it's going to be rather suspenceful. This one was knocked off of the site for some reason (someone probobly reported it or somthing like that) so i will re post it asap.

I'm thinking about starting a Vegeta/Bulima story for DBZ. I'll let everyone know eventually what i want to do ^^.