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Hi, my names Shelly, I'm female and 17, spend most of my time either reading, writing, drawing, or trying to find the best way to aviod working at all. I live in a small probably unknown town in California, though the county is somewhat known -Kern County- and my favorite things to do are camping in the mountains or by the lake, hiking, working with animals-especially dogs, I own 6- and my favoritest; doing absolutely NOTHING. My worst subject: SCHOOL! I'm really quiet, though not antisocial, just, not social. I have amazingly alot of friends for being so quiet. I try to be more social, but I can't really think of anyting to say half the time. I'm just, BORING! My life is my imagination, that's where I'd live if I had the choice. My life isn't like... an ordeal or anything; I have an obsession with physical and emotional pain but I've never really felt it myself. My brother and Sister both have their share of children and were/are drug addicts so my parents spoil me rotten. Well that's it, want to get to know me better? drop me an email I love 'em and will reply to EVERYBODY!!!! ;)