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Note: When I get back to writing in a few months, I am gonna need a beta. Anyone can send me an email, and I'll let them know by March. Please let me know in an email, not a review. I will not respond to beta submissions in a review.

January 16th, 2003:


I am aware of how long it's been since I updated... anything. I'm having some troubles at home right now. My family is dropping left right and center, I just found out I might have ADD, and finals are next week. Please be pacient with me right now. I had more written, but my PC crashed not to long ago, causing me to loose everything. I have not been able to muster the motivation needed to re-write or write new chapters. That is why as of right now, every fic here is on HIATUS. I wont be updating for a while, most likely a few months. I hope this doesn't cause you to leave my fics alone, and I hope everyone will continue to read them. I hope to get writing ASAP, and might even have a few new ones for you in the process. Good luck with life.


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