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Hello! I'm C-Chan, fanfiction writer and Ramen-maker extraordinare! (Don't ask) Uhm, this is my profile, so I'll tell you about myself! *WARNINGS: WATCH OUT FOR CRAZY MUSES, THEY RELATIVES, AND RANDOM SILLYNESS*

Name: Cassandra
Age: 18
Birthday: March 15 (Beware the Ides of March!! O.O)
School: County College of Morris
Major: New Media Technology (Computers, Art, and Journalism in one shot, pretty much)
Location: New Jersey (Can we say, barren wasteland of farms and hicks? Well, at least near where I live it's like this)

I'm a huge anime fan. Currently I'm in the middle of watching Inu-Yasha and Trigun, two wonderful series (even the dubs are okay...you get used to them after a while). I'm a shounen-ai fan to a point, which kinda means if it's supposed to be that way, I'll support it, but if it's something like Saitou/Sano, then nuh-uh.

Favorite Pairings (Shounen ai and straight):
Shuichi/Yuki (RK)
Kenshin/Kaoru (gravi)
Heero/Duo (GW)
Akane/Ranma (Ranma)
Ryouga/Ukyo (Ranma)
Sano/Megumi (RK)
Misao/Aoshi (RK)
Misao/Soujiro (RK) The only non-canon I like! ^^
Trowa/Quatre (GW)
Ryuichi/Tatsuha (gravi)
Miaka/Tamahome (FY)
Nuriko/Hotohori (FY)

I like some other shows besides anime, such as ER (Noah Wyle is mine! *Growl*) and WWE (CAN YOU SMEEEEEEELLLLL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING? Hehe, he's my favorite. ^^), and I like He-man and the Masters of the Universe...so what if I'm 18 and watching that kinda stuff? ^^

Favorite Stories - (That I couldn't add to the favorites page)

Rended - By Emiri-Chan
Ballad of a Lonely Heart - By Midori Natari Himura
Prism - Calger459
An Inn in Hokkaido - Calger459
Fever Dreams - Sekihara Tae
A New Light - Zosocrowe
The Giant and the Lion Cub - Zosocrowe
Reunion - Kay-san
Never Too Late - Chiki
Ties of Loyalty - Unseen Watcher
Another Story - PurpleMouse
Yet Another Story - PurpleMouse
Blackbird - PurpleMouse
Kitty Kenshin - Neoshipper
Blanket Scenario with a Twist - Neoshipper
My Life - Fitz
When the World Revolves Around You - Chiki
Nine Months - EK
Looking Up - Calger459
Warrior's Spirit - Sher
Call Me Son - Arishia-chan
Young Again - Fitz
Life's A Dance - Fitz (The only shounen-ai RK story I like! Go Fitz!)
The Art of Seduction - Fitz
Path of the Sword - Fitz

Some Interesting Websites to Visit:
http:///rebellion/Aburakadabura - Aburakadabura! My Gravitation website that has anything I can manage...it does have some stuff, but it's still pretty new.
http:/// - C-Chan's Homepage! My Anime Fanfiction webpage...where all my stories are achived!
http:/// - Pan's Realm of Anime! The crossroads between my DBZ Site, Pan's Dimension, my Xellos page, Amethyst Eyes, and my Inu-Yasha fanfiction page, Across Time.

Looking for updates on how my fanfiction is going? Well, take a looksie right here: http:///users/c_chan. I update this almost everyday and write about how my stories are coming!

Also...http:///users/tatakaieko - This is Eko's uJournal...she updates almost everyday too, sometimes for me when I'm busy, or just to talk about her own fanfiction...Go read "The Life of a Demon"! Her first story!

ATTENTION SURFERS! I'm looking for any able bodies to act as a beta-reader for my stories! If you would like to offer help, please click the e-mail link above, or send a self e-mailed, un-stamped e-mail (repetitive, ne?) to RamenNoMiko@. If you have a particular story you'd like to beta-read for, please let me know! All help is much welcomed!*

Updated 01/28/03*

Arrigatou to all my reviewers! You've made Eyes on Me my most popular story! I'm SO happy people find this interesting! I hope to keep you guys on the edge of your seats with my evil cliffhangers and super-uber plot twists!

Eyes on Me (Rurouni Kenshin) - AU, While visiting her brother in the hospital. Kaoru meets Kenshin, a mental patient who isn't as crazy as he seems. But if he isn't crazy, why is he there? Will Kaoru find out before Kenshin gets shipped off to an institution? *IN PROGRESS*

Return Home (Original Anime/Manga)
Struggling Towards Normalcy (Gravitation)
Reincarnated Fate (Rurouni Kenshin)
The Past Never Leaves Us (Rurouni Kenshin)
Woe the Cursed Ones (Ranma 1/2)
Promises Kept (Inuyasha)

Eko: Still one story...very good.

Utsuko (Eko's older sister): ICE CREAM!

Eko: ACK! What's she doing here, Cassandra?!

C-Chan: I don't know! Do I LOOK like I control her!

Utsuko: Eeeeko-chaaaan! Give your Onee-sama a big hug! *Glomps*

Eko: AHHHHH!! *dies* x.x

C-Chan: Hmm...*munches on a piece of fruit* Utsuko, I didn't know you scared Eko.

Utsuko: It's a little trick of mine. ^^


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