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They were theives trying to save the world by collecting the Ayurvedic rings


pen name: Zia Aizan
age: 19 //25
grade:sophomore in college // Working in DC
school: The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland // I have graduated, working on a Masters
location: New Jersey // Washington D.C.
favorite anime/manga: Marmalade Boy, Kodocha, Hana Yori Dango, Mars, Nadesico, Inuyasha, X, HanaKimi, Peach Girl, One Piece etc. // Nana, Kimi Wa Petto
favorite genre: fantasy
favorite authors: Jane Austen, Sharon Shinn, Meg Cabot
favorite book: Ella Enchanted, Pride and Prejudice, Gone With The Wind, Scarlet
favorite book series: Archangel, Roswell High, Mediator, Princess Diaries, Georgia Nicolson, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
favorite TV series: Xena Warrior Princess, Roswell, Everwood, AVS // The Tudors, Vampire Diares, True Blood, Battlestar Galactica, Outsourced, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family
favorite movies: Hindi movies, Drive Me Crazy, Sweet Home Alabama, Pirates of the Caribbean, Anastasia // Tangled, Ponyo, Khabi Alveda Na Kehna
favorite music artists: Daniel Beddingfield, Maroon 5, Stabbing Westward, Utada Hikaru, Jay Chou // Keri Hilson, Jay Sean, Katy Perry, Anberlin

l' Rings of Light 'l

(Completed but not on fictionpress - please order from Authorhouse Bookstore for 8.25 http:///Bookstore/BookDetail.aspx?BookId=SKU-000333069)

Young, spoiled, Violet has never before left the mansion of her noble family. Her first adventure on the streets ends with a thief named Myquel running off with her purse. When she goes after him, Violet wanders into the lair of the Dark Ravagers, a notorious clan of bandits.
Myquel, who turns out to be the Azure Wolf - the young leader of the Ravagers, forces Violet to join their band because of her discovery of their secret lair. From then on, Violet scorns the impervious Azure Wolf until Myquel helps Violet discover powers she never before knew she had. Violet soon finds that she cannot help but admire him.
Leaving home has only brought the young lady danger – danger of being caught as she and the other Ravagers trespass into royal balls, noble mansions, and Violet’s past in order to collect the mystifying Ayurvedic rings that all together give their bearer the incredible power of the royal gift.
The mission is anything but easy with the invading tyrant, Lord Divin of Mae, not only threatening to take over the entire continent, but also wanting to attain the rings himself – ready to destroy anyone who gets in his way...

"Let me repeat this," Myquel said slowly, "That barrier only let's Dark Ravagers through. If it let you through, you are going to become a thief."
"A thief!" Violet repeated indignantly.
"Yes," Myquel said calmly. "You know…a thief-a bandit, one who steals."
"I know," Violet retorted, annoyed. "I know what a thief is, I do not need a definition!"

l' UNcreat1ve17 'l


Have you ever kept seeing this same dead gorgeous guy that you don't know but would kill to be introduced to? Well, Andria sees Dave at her cousin's party and can't stop thinking about him. She gets his screename from Julie, her cousin, and starts iming him - telling him that she is Julie. And Dave, who has already been wanting to hook up with gorgeous Julie for some time, can't help really falling for her when he starts talking to her online and likes the things she says... The twist? Remember... he hasn't been talking to Julie. He has been talking to Andria...

“I’ll teach you creativity” - Dave
“I know of an angel that fell in love with a god." - Andria
“Because I love you and fucking always have, you damn slut” – Adam
“That babe’s a total bitch.” – Brad
“Mrs. Verns!…SHUT THE HELL UP!” – Julie

l' Never Just a Rumor 'l


Renae's old group of surfer friends were less than angelic. Her parents catch wind of the rumors spreading that say that she and her crew engage in drinking and taking hazardous drugs. Immediatly they pull her out of her California beach town and drag her hours away to San Luis, where there is no beach and no surfers. The kids are completely different, and Renae sees no use in making friends with any of them. But the most popular guy in school, Trent Ashwire, won't leave her alone. Slowly, Renae learns that he is not the guy she thought he was from her first impressions. He's the kind of guy Renae can fall in love with.
The twist? Trent is bisexual. He has a boyfriend. And Droven, he is slowly falling for Renae himself...

"Why are the hot ones always gay?" - Renae
“Pretty pretty princess?” - Jade
"Oh my god, please send a picture." - Praya
"Why the fuck would I play football? Our team sucks." - Trent
"I’m reading Dr. Suess.” - Droven
"Goth’s don’t blush. We bleed." - Pace
"I don’t know what Renae sees in these wackass friends of hers.” - George

l' Supply & Demand 'l

(Incomplete since 2006...)

Adam Verns hasn't gotten out of punishment completely free. The government sends him to boot camp for the summer. There, he immedialty becomes popular with the other delinquents as the guy who managed to get a secret stash of drugs past the counselors. Adam makes big cash, until he meets one customer he can't sell to. But, himself being lost in a gap of depression and feeling worthless after loosing his "Andrea", can Adam save this other girl when he can't even save himself?

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