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Greetings fanfic minions! And NO I DON'T mean THAT definition of minion...
I am an uber-geeky 17 year old IB senior (translation: I'm in my last year of a super-hard high school academic program that's slowly eating away at my soul). I'm into X-Files, scifi, anime, Tolkien, most kinds of rock music, playing my guitar, and being the most sarcastic smart-ass I can be. I've been writing fanfic since about 7th grade but only recently have I been able to bring myself to actually post anything.
(sits back in her creepy gothic fire-enshrowded throne) Hmm...what else...oh yeah, flame me and you will be met by a pissed off author (namely, ME) streaking down the street clothed only in fire. And that isn't a pretty sight, folks. Not much worse than a bikini-clad, katana-wielding warrior hurtling after you, but remember: sword beats gun and bikini beats armor (in anime anyway), so if the abovementioned warrior DOES ever start hurtling after you it might be a good idea to RUN!

Sorry. Train of thought derailed and exploded for a moment...again...

Where was I?

Oh yeah...Lately I've been writing mostly X-Files and Cowboy Bebop fanfic, although I'm sure that as I progress more series will be taken into the twisted little forest of doom called my mind and be manipulated to my will. I'm best at fluff and angst, although I do foray into adventures and humor when the mood strikes me and the moon is in the appropriate house.

Anything else? Hmmm...nothing I can think least for now...ok, I think I'm done...for now...muahahaha (coughs) ha...