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HELLO! teehee, so you wanna know about me huh? YAY ^_^ I feel so loved!
Name: Holly
Age: 15 but 16 very soon!
Location: The feudal era of Japan ^_^;; I wish, but I live in the UK
Eye colour: Brown and green ^_^ seriously it changes from time to time
Hair colour: Brown with blondish tips, they used to be red but th colour ran out ¬_¬
Hieght: I have NO idea... 5"4 maybe?
Anime: Inuyasha, Trigun, Rurouni Kenshin
Guys: Inuyasha, Vash, Kenshin, Duo, Wolfwood
Girls: XD LOTS! lol
Things to do: Read, write, draw and run through the field nakie

Well thats all I can think to tell ya :) If you wanna contact me to talk (I LOVE to talk) my email is dragon_babe40@hotmail.com... *pssst* btw I LOVE reviews! I live of them I swear ^o^