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I have changed therefore so shall my bio. I still write poetry except it isn't morbid none of my stuff was. I am now 15 and a half and much more of a decent person. Shoutouts become limited and my life as a junior when school starts again, becomes more complicated.

bows* Greetings and Salutations, my name is Tracy. I have a few nicknames one of which is Bobb and another Bob-ed Cinnamon.
I am in fact 15 and a half, I will be 16 on December 17th.
If you couldn't tell by my overly dramatic intro, I am female, best way to put it because I am by no means a woman but I think I'm at least a little more then a girl.
I have a few interests, I still like anime, I love to read Wheel of Time is my favourite but I read lots of other stuff, a new series I just started is the Kushiel's Dart series its tres bien, I live to write, I attempt to draw. Lets see I love motorcycles and have one of my own that I'm not allowed to legally drive but shhhhh. I really like camping and hanging out with my dad on the motorcycles, as well as hanging out with just my friends.
I live in Washington state in the city of Redmond. I attend Redmond High School, a school full of stuck up people, not all of them are stuck up but I must say that a good majority are. I will be a junior as of the start of the new school year being August 30th.
I have a 22 year old sister named Claudia, a 42 year old future brother-in-law name Jamie, an almost 3 year old niece named Char Lee Ann. I live with my mother and father, Betty Ann and Roy, and I at this time am the only one of their two daughters even living in this state.

I suppose I shall do my limited shoutouts:
Tonia: Long time no talk I salute you.
Kerri: If ever you are to find this, I miss you and you will always be my best friend.
Michelle: Whatever your problem with me, please get over it I'm sick of not talking to you.
Lior: Have fun in Belgium with Bowie.
Jaime: True d'at.
Claudia: Keep going with the business you're getting the hang of it now I think.
Char Lee Ann: I love you sweets, even though you don't really know much of me.

Oh and more note. I LOVE CANADA! I was born and raised in Canada until I was nine and I will never forget it!

Please if you are here check out my stories. And please review constructive criticism welcome flames too but I reserve the right to laugh at them.

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