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November 15 - a special landmark in my life - and *hopefully* in everyone else's too...

And guess why - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets came out today!!! And I'm going to see it in 4 hours and 55 minutes! How awesome is that? I'm so excited! I'm hyperly-enthusiastic! I'm so happy I'm making up words! Oh my gosh - I've been waiting for this ever since I got the HP1 DVD - this was the next landmark in the future... LOL - yes, I'm obsessed... I've finally admitted it. But hey - it's not my problem that Sean Biggerstaff, Tom Felton, and even Daniel Radcliffe (though only a little... he's only 13, after all... *sighs*) are SO SUPER HOT!!! Anyway, before I get kind of carried away... *grins evilly* here's my update list.

KoolKitty's Fics:

Lily VS. James: Chapter 12 is up.

To Live or Love: Chapter 4's up! Aria's back in India - after a long vacation in God knows whereabouts in Europe... and Chapter 5 will be up as soon as I find it... I already wrote it, you see.


AnotherKoolKitty's Fics:

Angel from Hell: Chapter *10* is up.

Lost Senorita: I've put up Chapter 3, so please check it out! Just to make matter's clear, I've added date/time/place things at the beginning of every chapter. I'm sorry if the whole *jumping three years* thing was confusing!

Red Headed Virtures: Well, the second chapter is now up, so please read it! I'm not getting many reveiws on this - boo hoo... If I don't I might delete it...

Well that's it. As for reviews, I don't really care if you submit flames, as long as you give suggestions as to how I can improve. I don't want a bunch of profanity. That won't get me anywhere.

And remember, if any of you want a co-author for one of your stories or if you want to co-author some of mine, or if you just want a beta-reader or if you want to be one for me, email me, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. I check my mail pretty often, so don't worry. Even if you just have suggestions for a story I'm writing, or if you want me to write something, don't hesitate to ask. Just review that story or email me. I won't bite.

Oh, and I just about forgot - please check out the fic that Snoopy511 and I have at the name 'Coincidental Catastrophes'! It's called 'Unknown Acquaintances', and we also have a songfic based on it - on 'You've Got A Friend In Me' - but don't worry - it isn't that bad... Please check them out!

See ya! And thanks for reading!

- KoolKitty/AnotherKoolKitty/*A Coincidental Catastrophe*