Faith In A Bad Guy
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Full Name:Julie-Ann Hansen
Birthday:Dec 1 1987
hotmail: [email protected] (that is also my msn, if you wanna chat)
personelle home mail: [email protected]
public home e-mail: [email protected]

I am from westbank British Columbia (the okanogan).

It's supposed to be one of the best places to live, but it is soooooooo boring

I've been writing fanfics since 2000 but that was only on paper, and my room has gotten a little messy with all the stacks, so I've desided to put it on the computer and put it here, I put it here because my computer has no more space for me to put things!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I have about a million stories and am gonna try to put as many as I can onto this site.

A lot of my stories though are or were very short things that took two seconds to think up and have been streached out a bit, so if you feel like giving me idea's, i'd greatfully take 'em!!!!!


I'm 15
Grade 10
have two little sisters
live on a farm
don't like farm

My favorite shows are
Dragon ball Z
Monster Rancher
The newer Digimon
Gundum Wing
Mon Colle Nights

Basically every amie out there(the only one i can't stand is Sailor moon)

My bestist friends are(not in order cause that's mean)
Kailey Smith(Shadowsinthedark, she's on this site)
Brittany Diagle(Devil In The Blue Dress, on this site)
Kadi Fedoruck (Sidra Kami, on the site)
Julia Barranow
and tonz more!!!!!

I am a girl , duh, but I'm a tomboy.

I love Snowbourding, it is the utimate thing to do.

Skatebourding is okay, but i find it hard.

My best Guy friends are
Chad Brealy
Jole North
Jake(he's from the land down under!)
and Kyle

My favorite Dragon Ball Z charactors are, in order

King Kai
the namec dragon
and master roshie(i like him casue he's got a preverted mind)

That's all I can think of for now.

When I write story's their on microsoft word, and a made myself promise myself not to put a chapter out until it is 6 or more pages, size twelve.

That way the chapters are long

When a sighned user reveiws, i always try to read at least one of their stories and review, just to be nice.


I am only alowd on the computer after i do my homerwork and prove it, my dad put a passward on the computer so I can't even get on, But i do get Saturdays all to the computer and i also get some time when i go to Computer animation class and my friend Brittany's place!

But i also want to get at least one chapter out per story every three days, of i don't get it in three days, i'll try to put two chapters up at once!

Okay, i thought of something else to say

i am mostly a Dragon Ball Z fanatic, but i wanna try one or two of my own, like origainals

and i also wanna try a Yu-Gi-Oh fic

but only if i get lots of reveiws which is never gonna happen,i will put up different stories

my current favorite songs are
Darkness - Disturbed
Arials - system of the down
Chemicals Between Us - Bush
the dolfins cry - live
Pardon Me - Incubus
Wanted Dead or alive - bin jovi
Bodies - korn
right here in these arms - HIM

that's all of them, for now, . . .

PS i just changed something on the Hawaii story, i added a first chapter that is new, so check it out!

okay, i have descided that i have a lotof peoms that i love, so there is a story below that tells you what every one of them is.

there is a link and stuff, check it out.

also, i have a second account, only select people are aloud to see it, so you have to ask, and don't get descuraged if i don't let you. cause tehre are some people tha i don't want to have see it, so just e-mail me, witha link to your bio page and stuff, i'll take a look at your stuff, then reply with the link if it checks out!

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