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I AM THE MONKEY KING!!!!!!!!! Ahem. Hello. Yes, I do have the permission of Dee, Kee, and Rap's to use them in my fics. If I didn't would i be in some of there fics? Ok. With that settled I'd better interduce my self more. I have many names, Gyt, Golon, Akane...but I shall write under Gyt. I own everything in my fics except what I mention and Dee, Kee, and Rap's. But I have their permission. Alc, Thief, and Yellowjacket are my freinds so they don't mind. Ok? SEE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND REMEMBER, I AM THE MONKEY KING!!!!!!!!! AND NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE SMART FROG OR THE PURPLE MONKEYS!!!!!!!!!! DESTROY ALL POPUP WINDOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!