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Info aboot me!

I am Emily. Go ahead, hunt me down and kill me. As if life isn't short enough. 9_9

My life pretty much revolves around school, needless to say. Here are some of my achievements and boasts, academic and otherwise:

I know 54+ Latin noun endings.
I tend to speak in garbled English and sorta-French. (i.e. Je him entends, alors je vais lui fetch-ay.)
I have Al Bhed written all over the inside cover of my lab book.
I also have a little picture I drew of a shootout on a choo-choo train on the inside cover of my lab book.
And a cactuar.
I think Kevin also drew a "Roman" (feh) somewhere on the page.
I can play the pennywhistle.
I can scare small children with said pennywhistle.
I can spell better than you, I bet.
I think I left my Latin book at school. OH MY GOD! I'M SCREWED!
I can take fairly decent photos (um, photo) of myself, muahaha. If you want it I can send it to you, but only if I like you. If I wont send it to you that means I don't like you. Comprenez-vous?
I love to love.
I can write music by ear. ThInG yOu DiDn'T kNoW: I once sat in my room and wrote down Shadow's Theme in my notebook. Andrew saw it and said it looked like something from Zelda: A Link to the Past. Wtb.
I can pick out tunes on the piano with okay accuracy (you know, not bad but nothing to brag about, and for now we'll overlook the fact that that is precisely what I am doing right now, okay?)
I can do the hokey-pokey.
Kindergarteners love me, what can I say?
I can play "Gilgamesh" (you know, FF5) on the clarinet, which by the way sounds pretty weird but cool.
I'm a kung-fu hippie from gangsta city.
Cyan's theme rocks.
I proved the "Magic" theorem.
I'm perfect at everything. Except fic-writing.
I have two guys that would kill for my heart. Go me.
Okay, I'm kind of dead fic-wise for now... I might repost some of my glorious stories if I get up the energy... but for now I'll just stick with my loyal FF6 French translation ROM thing. It's fun! I lurv it! ^_^ All my good fics were taken down, so like I said I might repost them but don't get all excited ya know?

Feel free to IM me or talk on MSN Messenger, I am of course a witty conversationalist *twitch* so you'll never *cringe* get bored *wince* of me.

SHOUTOUT! Go read and review Mobius Shadow's stuff. He's the one who got me onto in the first place :p

Joke of the year (since I'll never update, heh heh):

What's red and flies?
A shooting tomato!

Rhyme of the year (again, . . .):

Speak harshly to your little boy, and beat him when he sneezes;
He only does it to annoy, because he knows it teases.

well, I have another (btw, this and the prev. one are both courtesy of meh Latin teacher):

When Mary had a little lamb, the doctor was surprised;
But when Ol' McDonald had a farm, he couldn't believe his eyes.

*Vote for me!*

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