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Okay... I am obsessed with the X-Files and Lord of the Rings.
If you want to talk XF or LotR, e-mail me, I'd love to hear from you. But I'm warning you, when I say obsessed, I mean obsessed. I can name every episode of XF and I've read more Tolkien than you've even HEARD of. Go ahead, try me.

Also, I am an XF shipper through and through. Even though I am a dark and cynical person, I am a sucker for MSR.

Please feel free to e-mail me, just to say hi or whatever. I love getting mail from people I don't know!

PS- With God as my witness I will NEVER read a single word of LotR fanfic. Sorry if you write it, I don't mean to offend, it's just against my beliefs as an elf-worshipper.

PPS- Everybody go read my little sister's Harry Potter fanfics. She's a better writer than I am and I love her dearly, even if she's too embarrassed to advertise HER sister in her bio... anyway her name is AttackoftheJello and she's on my favorite authors list.

PPPS- My SiSA fic is coming, I promise, but it's taking me a lot longer than I thought it would. The storyline has evolved somewhat and now it's only half SiSA. Anyway, if you're waiting for it, I'm flattered, but stop. Apparently college has the unfortunate side effect of taking up ALL MY TIME. It'll be ready when it's ready.