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a glimpse beneath the h0riz0n...

Now that you’re reading this, let me introduce myself.. My name is Alexis.. It can be Lexis, Alex, Lex.. Well you get the picture..

Anyway, like every other person on Earth, I too have my own set of LIKES and DISLIKES.. First off, I like RPGs, mostly PS/PS2 games for that matter.. The Final Fantasy series is my favorite at that.. I don’t play much these days because of school, but I struggle to find time for it anyhow..

Another thing about me is that I like to read, if that’s not obvious enough.. I like fantastic fiction the best, which is why I really loved JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, Mercedes Lackey’s The Black Swan, and Christopher Paolini’s Eragon.. Nonetheless, I still take doses of ordinary fiction like the works of Sidney Sheldon and other random authors..

Music...can’t live without it.. Now that’s because it really helps calm my nerves, especially when I’m having problems or when I’m under pressure.. Avril Lavigne, Maroon 5, Ashanti, and Keahiwai songs are mostly what I enjoy the best.. Last but certainly not the least, as for my silverscreen faves... I’m an Elijah Wood fanatic...go figure. Brad Pitt, too (all hail TROY!! Lol..ü).

Sports...can’t leave this one out of course.. I play volleyball, but watching NBA games is a whole lot better for me.. I can’t explain why.. I’m no star player in anything, but I like sports anyhow.. Wrestling included.. Yeah, yeah.. A girl who likes wrestling?? Well, that’s just the truth buddy.

I’m not exactly very keen on reading (or writing) hentai/yaoi/yuri or whatever you people like to call it stories.. So evidently enough, you won't find stuff like that in my page. No offense! Personally, I have nothing against homosexuals/bisexuals.. It’s just that stories with those kind of couplings can be very detailed--and pretty distasteful as far as I’m concerned..

The others are quite trivial, but if you must know--fine, fine.. NO WAY MAN. I'm just kidding. I’m not about to waste my time and yours on this.. On with my bio!..ü

fan ficti0n...

» living for your love (ccs fic)

» confused (sd fic)

pure 0riginalz... these are 0n h0ld.. n0t sure if i sh0uld st0p.

» Lost Life – Kaena is not just the typical 17-year old girl she appears to be. She is a warrior trained to kill and said to one day hold the world in her grasp. But once she decides to escape that life, she finds one much better with a normal family. She meets someone who unexpectedly, changes her life, at least temporarily. Time comes, however, that she is forced to leave. Can she find the true value of living and the real worth of love?

» Child of the Moon – Siren doesn’t quite remember who she is before a certain accident claims her memories. She starts residing with the one who saved her. From that moment, strange dreams start to haunt her. Out of nowhere comes a mysterious girl who threatens to ruin and change life as she knows it. Nobody knows where she came from. There were too many questions left unanswered and the answers lie in the shadows of Siren's true identity.

» love should be a crime – Alex finds herself stuck in relationships that turn complicated and never seem to work out. When she decides to bring up a relationship with one guy, she finds him screwing some other girl. Alex gets pretty messed up with boys but she’s a great girl; everyone knows this. So, her friends try to help her push through EVERYTHING despite possible circumstances. Life is already unfair as it is.. Love just had to come along.

Just a few updates about my work.. This is a free world right?? I’m hoping you like my fics.. Then again, I have to say that like all of you guys here, I'm only human--I make mistakes too.. Besides, let's face it; no one wants to get flamed.ü

a slice 0f heaven 0n a silver platter... qu0tez

“the greatest love ends in pain.. so when you love, you love in vain..”

a struggle against reality...

letting go is so much harder than it seems..

Enjoy the rest!!!ü email me: [email protected]

n0te: i am planning to do some changes (maybe adding or removing stuff) here in my profile.. it may take a while since im currently working on a few fics at the moment but for sure, there WILL be changes.. that's all..ü

Btw, yes, I AM on a poetry-writing hiatus! Don't blame me for it. Certain events happened earlier this year that made me think twice about my views of life AND love. It just hasn't been the same ever since, that's all.

Anyway, catch you all later! MUCH later.. (maybe)

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