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Hey there everyone! I've come to realise that this page needed some SERIOUS updating, so here we go...

Sex: female
Age: 19
Whereabouts: the very isolated desert island of Australia - the place where everyone wears dangling-cork akubra hats, boys wrestle monster crocs in their spare time, and where every true Aussie kid rides a kangaroo to school and has a pet wombat named Rex. Naturally.

Ok, so why am I here? Creation calls - or to be more particular, the creation of fantasy calls. Original fantasy fics are my specialty, although many are on hiatus at the moment. Nevertheless, I have ideas for all and will get around to writing (and in some cases, re-writing) them eventually.

Story Status:

The Legend of the Lenarean Necklaces: Previously on hold, but I've just recently started writing it again, smoothing things over and all. This is more a I'll-write-this-whenever-I-feel-like-it story. Am making it up as I go, but the creative juices are still flowing!

Priestess of the Whitemoon: Ooh, I love this one! Like the LLN story, I'm making it up as I go - probably even more so. At the moment, I've just hit a bit of a snag in the plot. A bit of a rough patch. But don't worry - will one day triumph and the updates will begin again.

Thicker than Water: My newest creation and something that I felt I just had to write. I'm currently bursting with ideas for it so this is definitely my main project at the moment. Expect more updates soon!

Like a Bit of Fanfiction?

My fanfiction account - under the same penname as this. I love twisting up fairytales, so this account is devoted to that. It also has one Ella Enchanted fic, which I will continue soon. Thinking about expanding my horizons, but I'll have to wait and see. Would absolutely love any constructive criticism and comments you have to offer!

I now also have a joint fanfiction account with fantastic fellow fantasy writer and fanfiction enthusiast, JoeyStar. So far, we have a Pirates of the Carribbean fic and one based on Tamora Pierce. We'd both love it if you'd check it out and tell us what you think.

Thank you for reading this and I really hope you have a look at one or more of my stories. They are my babies :) I'm seeking to improve like mad so if you do read, any comments and stuff you leave (especially constructive criticism) will be extremely appreciated!


Nadia (naughty little munchkin)

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