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Irasshai, minna-san! Fanboy Japanese...AWAAAAAY! ^_^

Aaaaanywho, I was once known as Prince Champagne before the Hellish MST Purge. I don't have copies of any of my original fanfiction, unfortunately, so I can't repost what I used to have up. But anyway, out with the old and in with the new, eh? Expect Tekken, Chrono Cross and other miscellaneous things in the future.

Personal information? Okay:

Name: Drew
Age: 14. *is anxious to get his work permit*
Eyes: Blue-green
Hair: Spiked, brown with yellow highlights
Height: 5'10 with shoes (mwahaha...I am finally taller than Cassie...heeee ^_^)

Tekken Characters

Anna Williams: My very favoritest Tekken character. The only reason why I haven't played T4 yet is because she's not in it. Seriously, she has a good okizeme, pretty hair, the kick-ass zebra outfit, Fatal Attack Combo, and her sister is mean.

Julia Chang: Mad Axes. Mad Axes. Mad Axes!! She's my favorite to fight with (except Ling-kun, but she's special).

Ling-kun/Xiaoyu: The funnest character in Tekken, and I've always been partial to the bratty-type characters in games.

Jun Kazama: She just kicks ass, okay?

Least Favorite Tekken Characters

Jin Kazama: Everyone likes him, so I don't.

Nina Williams: She's so mean to Anna, and they totally crapped her down in TTT from T3. Her multi-part throws aren't even good.

Any of the Jacks, just because

Armor King: He sucks. Why King is still his student, I don't know.

Now then, if you want me to write more, then so kindly drop me some reviews. ^_^