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Hello hello minna-san, this is Fuchan here, and welcome to my new improved pen-name, specially for Digimon 01/02! I'll be working on getting the other one deleted ASAP, for now anyway though, I'll be thinking on what to put in here! O.O ooo, so many options!


I made my first layout!! *anime victory sign* ^_~ It's archived on these sites

Okay! Newsbreak out of the way, onto other things! If anyone is looking for a good Digimon Role play to join, please consider our RPG ODEB, ^_^ You'll be role playing alongside me, Ben Myatt, Koushirouchickie, PerfectSoldier, and Liz, we're looking for members, and chara's free to name a few are: Joe, Sora, Cody, Yolei, Villans, and original characters thrive here! Heh heh, ^^;; yeah, uh, just check us out!! Muwah-hahaha!!!


Okay! On to serious matters. ? You really need to rethink your desicion on the NC-17 fics. I don't read them myself, but my best friends and most of my other friends and some of my favorite authors have written them, not all of them contain lemon or lime content, but the rating holds another purpose. It makes me mad to see people stepping on their rights since America is supposedly the country of freedom. With a few possible exceptions that have been banned, it isn't as if it's porn or something. I'm one of the MANY that agree that this is ridiculous, you REALLY could have found another way around deleting all the fics, giving them time to move them or not. Why not go after yaoi and yuri next!! *GASP* Anyway. Readers, if you feel that way too then sign the petition, maybe we can change their minds.


Moving on to brighter things again, (mood swingy ain't I? Oo;) here are a few of my "banners". They'll be up as long as doesn't decide to delete me for SPEAKING MY MIND!!!!!!!!

All time favorite Pairings: Taimimi/Mimachi Mishirou/Koumimi Daikari/Hisuke Yamachi Taijun Koujito

Pairings I'd like to see more of: Taijun Mishirou Daikari Daimimi/Misuke Daiken/Kensuke Tasuke/Daikeru (ducks tomatoes and other flying produce) Daiyako Takeru - OC

Pairings that sound interesting: Yamari Koukari

More will come to that last category as time goes on, ^_^;; side pairings that I read include Kenyako, Takari, and any of them with original characters!! =D the only pairings I can't stand are huge age gap pairings. I get strongly urked when reading about a 16 year old dating a 6 year old, 15 and 8, but particularly teachers and elementry students!!! And Yuri... I tend to avoid Yuri... Why I don't know, I don't like seeing members of my gender, eh, yeah. Leaving it at that!!! One more list!! ^_^

Friendships that are way too cool, funny and or KAWAII!!! =D :
Koushirou/Mimi Taichi/Yamato Daisuke/Ken Miyako/Hikari Daisuke/Takeru

You can find MY homepage (About ME) at http:///xox_koree_kim_xox/FuchanV3/index.html for the time being

Spiffyfied, eh? =D Lacking originality mebbe, but I be a lazy son of a gun! ^_~