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Joined 09-07-02, id: 264549
1-15-03: I'm starting a Legend of Zelda story. Check it out, k?

I'm working on a MK story now. I'll post the next chapter by the end of...this year?

Age: 13 (I just turned 13 on Halloween)
Gender: Female (duh)
Most common described traits: Sarcastic, EVIL!!!!, SCARY, INSANE, weird, funny, mean, filled with hatred for all of mankind...(You get the point)
Favorite anime:Megami Kouhosei (duh)

Thank you for taking the time to look me up. As some of you may know, my favorite anime is Megami Kouhosei. These are the pairings I belive in (not in any kind of order):

Hiead and Ikhny (my favorite pairing)
Zero and Erts
Ernest and Gareas
Gareas and Leena
Rio and Phil Philiera
Roose and Yamagi
Roose and Wrecka
Yamagi and Tsukasa
Clay and Saki
Rill and Azuma (Her name goes first. ^^)
Teela-alone (I don't like her.)
Yu-alone (poor Yu...)
Kazuhi-alone (sorry, Kazuhi...)
Tune-alone (Ernest loved Gareas, not you. Sorry.)

(Did I miss anyone?)

Top 10 fav. anime characters (Not in any order and there may be more than these. I can't remember right now):

Hiead (Megami Kouhesei)
Ikhny (ditto)
Kai (Beyblade)
Seto (Yugioh)
Gene (Outlaw Star)
Melphina (ditto)
Ryoko (Tenchi Muyo)
Arc (Arc the Lad)
Raven (Zoids)
Birdy (Birdy the Mighty)

Once again, thanks for checking my profile out. Hope this kind of told you what I'm like. Ja ne.