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wanna see my photo? Click here http:///piccy2.jpg ^_^ i'm the one on the right.

ooooo WeeEEeeE~~ i've developed a potentially *huge* love for hiten and kagome fics. Yep that's right, Hiten, the maniacally homocidal HUNK of a Thunder-beast *grinz widely*. So if anyone has got any links to hi/kag fics, or anything remotely related to this particular coupling, do let me noe, and i shall be eternally grateful to u!!

Yikes. I promised myself never to fall into this trap, but i've done it. I've written ANOTHER fanfic. *bad bad bad girl!!* This one's my first DBZ fic, about none-other than CELL. Lol. Talk about alternate characters eh. WEll, shameless plug...u guys, do me a HUGE favour and check it out once its posted? i'm feeling pretty nervous posting it up and I would love you guys infinitely if you reviewed, and told me what you think!!!

Welpz people, time for this poor author to take a break. she's pooped, exhausted, worn-out, and tired of her pathetic existence on earth =_=;

well now dat i've got two biggies on hand - YAKUZA and Distant Thunder - i think i'll have to juggle the both of 'em babies. so i'll probably be alternating between the two. As for the other two *ehem* fics Eyes On Me and Dark Heavens, well they're lower on my priority list for now, but i will get around to updating them one of these days. YAKUZA and DT are presenting to be pretty time-consuming, what with having to plan out their storylines and schtuff o_o

DESTINY - chapter 1 updated 01.27.03
Distant Thunder - chapter 7 updated 16.01.03
YAKUZA - chapter 10 updated 12.12.02

Anyways! for those of you who would like to chat with me, whether its about my fic, your fic, someone else's fic, or just about nething reli, drop me an email at cacat@. It would make me very happy indeed =D

oh! and also, check out my list of favourite stories! extremely well-written by some of the finest authors on . Trust me, u *won't* be disappointed ^.^ some are popular, while some are more on the 'low-profile' side, but *all* of 'em are well-deserving of the wonderfully addictive drug called REVIEWS!! ^_^

My Bizarre Verve by Hoshii reviews
GIRLS just don't attend ALL BOYS SCHOOLS, It's not in the natural order of things, It's not normal! But wait! WHAT IF A GIRL DOES ATTEND ONE? The mind boggles! RnR people! Rating 4 language!
Fiction: General - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 26 - Words: 109,175 - Reviews: 401 - Favs: 116 - Follows: 12 - Updated: 12/10/2003 - Published: 8/30/2002