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My new spot of CCS used to be under my tripod page but now it gets it's own site ^_^ enjoy they is a temp layout up but don't look for it to last for long. Empresse_Sora1331@ Couples: Taiora Mimato Takari Takuri(Takato + Juri) Even thought I do like a couple from Digimon Tamers, I don't think I ever got so into the characters(like I did for season 1)enough to write a fic about them or tamers itself. I got to have that spark where I think I can have a great Idea for them souly. So if I ever do write for digimon tamers it will proably be any couple mostly(EXPECT FOR YAOI OR YURI!)because I'm not as attached to the couples in Season 3 as I was attached to the couples in season 1 mainly Taiora...^_^ I love taiora! haha anyways if you have suggestions for a season 3 fic you can e-mail me about it and I'll see what I can do...but for the moment I am sort of bogged down in fics...three major projects at the moment. I do get myself in a lot work easily don't I...

Any ways e-mail suggestions freely I don't mind.

*I am NOT a Yaio or Yuri writer* Story Status B R I T A N N I A is now on LONG TERM HITAUS This fic will be re-written. Digimon 02 AV is a works in progess. The Nigth N Gale is another works in Progress Time As Always Time continuation of Love that Binds, Begins and Somethings Happen when you least expect it. Yes I'm working on it don't worry peoples!^_- I have alot of things to do as of late. Sleeping Beauty*NEW* Sorry if I take long to update this's out of my control ( my mind can't think some times u know lol) Felora's Tale This is an old fic...u can tell by the style of the writing. It's a Yamato fic *hears gasps* ya at one point I liked him enough to make a fic about him. If you do have problems accessing fanfiction net go to my website, I'll will have lastest parts and chapters will be up I update my site when ever I can. visit my website...*TAIORA* has other stories written by me that aren't posted on