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Author has written 2 stories for General, and Fantasy.
Name: Meara-Ainur (Ainur for short)
Age: 1,727
Sex: female
Breed: Silvan elf

Bio: You see a Silvan elf stand into the dawn of light, her hair strung with silver and gold, her blue eyes deep as the ‘Grate Sea’ her lips touched with the light of the sun, but as soft as the petal of a rose. She is tall about 5’7 with Armor of Lorien’ and with her silver white lined bow, and her daggers she fights for middle earth and the free people and its lands.

In the distance you see a horse, the son of Shadowfax in the distances as the dawn begins to rise. You see no rider but the messenger. For you only see cloaked shadows as the moon slowly falls and day begins to rise.

Thera-son of Shadowfax

Soft echo’s of my breath
Hit the frozen due of morning
As my neck arches to my rhythmic beat
To the pattern of my huffs
Each beat allows them to fall unto the ground
Crushing it to the rich soil bellow

My long main rushes and twists
Into he breeze of the rising sun
As peeks of the morning sun
Spew unto my slick sliver gray coat
As onyx eyes sparkle in wonder

Thump, thump, thump,
Is that of my beat to which I carry
To the rising rays of the golden sun
As you hear my short, quick snorts
And long deep breaths
To the ever growing distance
As my long silk white tail
Flies into the undying breeze
Carrying it into the last seeping razes
Of the falling silver lilted moon

You see me as an object…
I see myself as a spirit…
To whom are you?

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