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NEWS: I've started a myspace account with a writer's log (or W-Log, if you prefer) in which I document my writerly activities. I don't know why anyone would want to check that out, but if you want to (for some odd reason) learn more about me, you can follow my homepage link, see pictures, interests, friends, blog, and all of that fun stuff. Plus you get to hear my awesome profile music, so you should check that out if you're extremely bored or something.

Also, I've updated Paid in Blood to reflect some of the changes that I'm making to it, all part of a major over-haul. The first two chapters are up, but unforntunately, the rest of the story willbe a little bit off from there, but not too bad. I'm trying to expand the chapters, input more character interaction, and add a couple more supporting characters and other elements. IMHO, these aretwo damn good chapters, and I hope everyone will give them a look-see to find out what has changed.

Hey y'all,

My name is Jonathan, and I reckon you could call me an average twenty-two year old. I just recently graduated from college with a degree in English and a minor in Business Administration, but more importantly, I got married June 3, 2006. I am now working as a technical writer at a large corporation that specializes in military contracts (can’t say who exactly because of security reasons) in Greenville, SC.

A few months ago I finished a novel based in the Shadowrun world as a piece of fanfiction an moved on to another original fiction novel entitled Dominion of Deceit , which is a low-fantasy type story in a world of my own creation. That one is going along slowly, but I have recently decided that Paid in Blood, the shadowrun story, is a waste, as it is. Fanfiction is quite the dead end in terms of writing, so I am giving the story a major revision and changing it to a world of my own creation, with the same basic plot and characters. I’m going to need some help making sure everything flows well together and that the futuristic world seems believable, so if anyone can review it, it would be a great help.

And about reviews. I am incredibly disdainful of reviewers who try to pass warm fuzzies around by telling everyone they're great. No one's writing is perfect, and simply telling someone "you're story is awesome!" amid a profusion of anime smiley faces does nothing to help improve that writing. Warm fuzzies are a great encouragement to new writers, but once you start trying to mature your writing style, you'll realize that those kind of statements are pure fluff that don't help anything, they don't even mention what was so good about the writing. First off, I will not review a work unless it has at least a few redeeming qualities, and then, I present to the author both the good and bad things about their work, offering criticism on how to fix it rather than simply bashing their work. I think the goal of this forum should not only be for self expression and sharing your work with others, but also personal growth and improvement. You can't do that when you get a lot of meaningless drivel for a review. It only helps to stagnate your writing and leads to literary depravity. That said, PLEASE review my work and rip into it, if you feel the need. Point out gramatical errors, inconsistancies of character, plot, whatever. I want to know it all because I want to make my works the best they can be.

If you have any questions, want any kind of advice, or just want to talk about a subject, don't hesitate to e-mail me or try to find me on AIM (SN = Mechwrrior5).

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