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I'm simdork the author. I'm the brother of Rainne, known for her amazing rewrite of Beauty and the Beast called "True Beauty" and other great stories. If anybody has any ideas for a fan fic they think I should write, knock yourselves out (It's an expression.) and review with the idea. I'll like some suggestions. I have a friend gone writer. His pen name's Bob and he wrote (With me in it) "The Zim Next Door". Read it and review it! Thanks!

1)Turkey slapper, ham slapper! Turkey slapper, ham slapper! Turkey slapper, ham slapper! WE LIKE MEAT!

2)I looked like a really dorky dear in headlights...

3)If he's so smart, how come he's dead?

4)Ride the wild paramecium.

5)Slap a dead person.

6)Oh gawd! Loud!

7)You were suppose to stun a pigeon with your breifcase on your way to the hotel, then cook it on the travel iron.

8)If it weren't for my horse, I wouldn't have spent that year in colledge.

9)I'm finished being everybodies butt-monkey!

10)Feta, because it's the cheese that tastes betta.

11)A book. A plane! IT'S ALPHA CENTARY!!!

12)Bring me Baby Larry!

13)This is how I like to fish, Mike: a flashlight and a flamethrower.

14)Y'know what'd be fun? Watching the "Cirque du Soleil" performers getting plastered.

15)This is obviously the vomit of the white man.

16)When I meen rare, I meen let it stare at the oven in TERROR, then bring it out to me.

17)Escargo, escargoing, ESCARGONE!

18)I have not yet begun to fight!!!

19)I've heard sweeter notes from my assophone.

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