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February 10, 2003 update: El Gwedh Enni has been updated. No clue when the next one will come. Muses are fighting over me...still. :)*

Got bored with the other bio. Hmmmmm, not much to say, 'cept I'm a Legoluster, but you probably already knew that. Love the twins too. They rock my world, and take such good care of me.

Now get out there and start reading fanfiction!


I highly recommend all the authors and stories on my Favorite lists. I am addicted to fan fiction and have read a ton, so you'll find quite the variety, anything from strictly canon to AU toture/angst fics to well-done, plausible Legomances. I do want to point out a couple of outstanding stories that you may have unfortunately missed, and whom the authors of need a little encouragement to light a fire under their butts. :coughcoughREVIEWcough: It's the nicest thing you can do!

Check out mayelbrid's Against the Dying of the Light. She has got everything in her story-action, romance, angst, and a pinch of slash, and she writes it all so expertly. She hasn't gotten the number of reviews she so definitely deserves. Give lots of encouragement and make her produce more wonderful chapters as I believe she's experiencing some writer's apathy.

Read RikTikTavi's Out of Darkness. She's been on hiatus, but has recently updated, and I will not let her abandon this fic again.

Melian's The Menagerie of Trees is classic, really well-done, dramatic fic involving...who else?...Legolas. You will enjoy.

If you're a Legolas luster and want good stories involving him, you can ease your search by going to http:///eternal/ . (Note the site has moved, so update your bookmark.) Amie's collected great stuff over there. Just be sure to drop the authors an email or come back to and leave them a review.