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Name: Sarah, nicknamed Yugi-chan.

Age: I'm 13 now!!

Birthday: December 4

Favorite things: Playing videogames (Kingdom Hearts rocks!), watching anime (of course), writing stories and surfing the web!

Non favorite things: Taking orders from people, and I definetly hate putting up with people that are so snobby that they tell frickin' rumors about people before they even get to know you! :Sigh: "I gotta calm down...Ok."

Fav. Color: Blue (Cerulean), and Black

Anime that I've seen: Yu-Gi-Oh!, Gundam Wing, DBZ, Cowboy Bebop, Vampire Hunter D, Evangalion, Magic Knight Rayearth, Princess Mononoke, Sonic the Hedgehog (lol), Utena (Most of the movie), Jubei Chan: Secret of the lovely eyepatch, Sailor Moon (Hate that), etc...

Ok, now that my profile is done, I'll just tell you guys one thing. I will do my very best to make THE best stories ever! Ok, now that I said that, Buh Bye!