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Finnally I've found time to write a real bio! ^_^ I first saw Labyrinth when I was 4 years old. Problem was, I couldn't remember it. But just 6 months ago, I found it on DVD,watched it again, and fell completly in love with it.
My absolute FAVOURITE singer/songwriter is David Bowie. I mean, I grew up with his music! His new album Heathen is really good by the way...
I've lived in Canada all my life, and so have my parents.Ummm...yeah. I also like the movies, legend, Dark Crystal,The Matrix, Indiana Jones, Alll the Star Wars trilogys,and spaceballs. (that movie kicks uranus! LOL)
I also love to draw! ^_^ I have a mediaminer account, and a side 7 account. at Side 7 I'm known as Roxy Shark, and at Mediamainer I'm known as JarethsDemon.
(NOT A DIGIMON!!!) I've had lots of confusion with that one...
Email or IM me if ya wanna talk Labyrinth, or anything that tickles yer fancy. lol