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Cold Sorrow ROCKS MY SOCKS!!!

Cold Sorrow is:
- Lead Singer/Back-Up Guitarist (dave = me)
Shaun - Lead Guitarist/Back-Up Singer
Chris - Lead Drums (or just plain ol' "Drums")

I AM HOPELESS ROMANTIC!!!! Wheeee!! ohh yeah, that too.

My homepage is now a blogspot for Cold Sorrow. Yeah, it's not up to date, so if you want up to date just stick here for the latest CS news, below!

I'm a random guy, who writes lyrics a living...and thats it...tried having a life. Man, thats hard to maintain

Do you know that feeling where you lost the best thing in your life? I feel that everyday...

Fav. Anime- Got's lots of em.
-Mobile Suit Gundam
-Gundam 0080
-Gundam 0083
-08th MS Team
-Gundam Wing and GW:Endless Waltz
-Gundam SEED
-V Gundam
-Yu Yu Hakusho
-Rurouni Kenshin (Sorry but Samurai X sucked)
-NARUTO is me at least. I've been watching it in japanese!

Fav. Movie: Mr. Deeds, Billy Madison, Big Daddy, Die Hard 2, X-men 2: X-men United, X3, Darkness Falls, Spaceballs, and Monty Python and the Holy Grail, LOTR Trilogy! Its awesome as a Possum

Fav. Bands:--> go to and search for sk8coolio99's radio station, and all bands on their are my totally favorites. Go TOAST & OLIVE!!!! and "THE ROCK" shall live on! super awesome bands include: Monkey Jacket, Likeminds, The Pilots, Human, and i've lately been listening to lots of Queens of the Stone Age, and all Switchfoot's older stuff.

Shout-outs- wheee!

Rob( nutnlp1)- He got awesome songs. You go check him out! He hasn't wrote in awhile.

Rhia(Rhia)- She cool. She got alot of cool songs too. Go and see. But I don't think she is around anymore either.

Erin(Shadow22)- She freakin awesome. She rocks, go check out her storys!!

--New Story Side--

I have an idea about a new story, I'm doing. Still no name but it has a basic plot. It's about a guy who works in a cubicle, and does nothing for a living, because he was hired to do nothing, yeah and like always, if you know me, this one is going to be a awesome humor story. So you be watching, and waitng...and praying!

--Cold Sorrow--

8/14/05 -- Well, i got great news. And i didnt even save money on my car insurance! it's just that...CHRIS GOT DRUMS!!!! HOLY CRAP IT's A MIRACLE BY GOD!!!! Well see, the fact is, I have been waiting for chris to get drums for ummm...just 2 YEARS!!!! And now he has got them! And now Shaun says he wants to be (in quotations) "officially" in the band. SO THE BAND IS BACK, BABY!!! ALL RIGHT!!! YOU BETTER BE READY TO SEE US IN ACTION in the CLEAR LAKE, TEXAS area. AND WE ARE GOING TO START WRITING our new SONGS for the new ALBUM, which has yet to have a title yet. SO KEEP UP TO DATE WITH US NOW!!! ...(dave starts crying)...I'm so happy...thank all you people for you know who you are...escpecially rhia which was 'numero uno' guys will all get free albums!! Cha!

a very happy...Dave~

7/21/05 -- Ok guys, I recorded some stuff, But i didn't really record what i planned to do, (planned to do is below). But i wrote 4 songs, and one is by Shaun which is part of this unofficial band. So yeah 5 songs, and only 1 of them has lyrics in it. Yeah i couldnt think of any words for the others, and the 1 that has lyrics, like the mic was all screwed up and my voice is hard of hearing and distorted. So yeah, under 20 minutes, so yeah, I say you still get it, to make me feel better. yeah i really sucks. But the guitar sounds wicked awesome, though. And Shaun's song is good. So yeah, c'mon its free!

1. In My Prison
2. Self-Portrait (shaun's song)
3. Intermission
4. I Don't Know What To Do (kinda fuzzy, i think you can hear the tv)
5. Drowning Ophelia (with lyrics)

So yeah, there is your official line up. I'm gonna see if i can burn it to a cd, tonight. So yeah, give me some love, and lots of prayer!!!!


6/30/05 -- I guess you'd say i've had a big comeback. So i have uploaded a ton of new songs written by special ol' me. So start reading em. My new stuff is way better than all that old stuff. Yeah so on JULY 8, remeber that day, I WILL START RECORDING!!! Like 3 songs which are: (drum roll)

1. Wasting Thoughts (All Alone in my Living Room) 2. I Don't Know What To Do 3. I'll Hold on to You

Which we'll probably called "Cold Sorrow: The Random Ep You Must Have". So you better be paying attention, while you pay nothing for it. Just give me a shout out by either reviewing or just e-mailing me, yeah. So, LATER...

1/13/05 -- Woo woo! Happy New Year. Yeah, i sorta lost internet for ummm like half a year. "When Golf Balls Attack", went freakin down the drain. New albums coming up, "Just For You" and "Days When 10 Cents Is Worth A Dollar". Yeah i have updated a whole lot on the collection of songs. SUPER HUGE UPDATE: COLD SORROW MIGHT LIVE ONCE MORE!!! Thanks to the musically talented, John Lang "D", who can hopefully get everything done wit is guitar and stuff, and life, and Chris who should get his new drum set, and JB who already has a bass. SO WE MIGHT ACTUALLY RELEASE SOMETHING IN THE NEAR FUTURE. Listen UP!

Most of those songs that aren't here, are on my laptop...and they will never be here, because my laptop is fried, and i'm MAD, but i can get through it...

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