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2:58 PM 11/25/2002
Chuquita: (singing) Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me!...or is it us? (pauses) It's the 2nd anniversary of this little corner of; my profile page's being in existance. It's been 2 years since I first posted "Veggienapped!" Hooray for me! (big grin)
Goku: (happily) May your days be merry and bright.
Vegeta: (sweatdrops) Hoo-boy...

Chuey's Corner: 12/13/01
Chuquita: Hi everyone! Welcome to my little corner of the universe. I'm your host Chuquita, along with my co-host, Vegeta, or as we like to call him, Veggie.
Goku: (grins happily) I'm the Co-co-host. Son Goku.
Goku: AND my little buddy! (hugs Vegeta, who pushes him away)
Vegeta: Get your nasty Kako-germs off of me!
Chuquita: Anyways, here at the Corner we host nearly all the fanfics below you.
Vegeta: (boastfully) Most of which star ME. THE GREAT AND POWERFUL SAIYA--[stares at Goku & Chu, who both sweatdrop] WHAT! It's true!
Goku: (happily) Veggie's got a point Chu-sama!
Chuquita: (grumbles) Yeah, don't remind me.
Vegeta: (grins) I love being right!
Goku: (also grinning) And I love my little buddy! [prepares to hug Veggie again] Come're Veggie!
Vegeta: (glares, holding a ball of ki in his hand) Touch me and die.
Goku: Aww Veggie, we all know you wouldn't REALLY kill me.
Chuquita: (smirking) Son's right. Right?
Vegeta: (w/a pouty look on his face) I WOULD TOO!
Goku: (giggles) Would not.
Vegeta: (angry) YES I WOULD!
Goku: Then go ahead, blast me.
Vegeta: (preparing to throw the ki) [hands wobble for a moment] (sighs as he chucks the ki over his shoulder & into the backround) (slightly depressed) You're right. I wouldn't...
Goku: Aww! Veggie loves me!
Vegeta: (growls, red in the face) I DIDN'T SAY _THAT_!
Chuquita: (sweatdrops) Hoo-boy. Well, on with the show.