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Hey! My name is Baby Winter, Li to my friends, and I enjoy writing, drawing, hanging out with my friends, dissing enemies, making people laugh, yadda yadda. I also enjoy Yu-Gi-Oh! every day I'm not grounded.

Yami Bakura~ Which is every now and then And other than that, a few of her fics violated the rules, and her account was locked for a week. Lucky her, eh?

Li~ ...

Brothers: Yami Bakura... In a way. Letsee, he and WSJ's yami had a kid, and my Yami and Yami Yugi adopted her, so um... Kinda. So then Ryou/Yami Bakura and... that's it.

Sisters: Kat Mitome (Spawn of Satan), her Yami, blah, and um, Wingleader Sora Jade's brother is Malik, and I um... 'like'--

Yami Li~ Only 'like' my ass...

glares* Anyways, I LIKE Yami Malik, so... ^^U

Name~ Not telling; But refer to me as Li, or Baby Winter, whichever suits you.

Age~ Thirteen.

Grade~ Eighth.

Eyes~ Black

Hair~ Black, waist length, blue streaks

Height~ 5' 2.5"

Weight~ SECRET!!!!!!!

(Okay, people, I have a new muse. See, Yami Malik talked my muses into running away to Florida b/c THEY deserved a vacation, and they didn't come back until yesterday. But, they brought someone with them... Chibi Malik and Chibi Yami Li kind of... reproduced, forming... Chibi Lalik Mishtare. (It's a GIRL!!! XD) So... ^^U)

Muse(s): Chibi Malik, given to me courtesy of Wingleader Sora Jade XD for guessing (in her story, Visions of the Heart... GO READ IT! XD) something about Ryou. XD I WUV YOU CHIBI MAWIK!!! XD (he inspires horror-humor and violence-related fics)

Chibi Yami Malik~ Found him on the back of my last Yami Malik poster, who I've come to... like. (He teams up with CM to create angst and MAJOR angst/horror/supernatural fics)

Yami Malik~ All I have to do is look at a picture of him... *sigh* (Romance. Nuff said.)

Chibi Li~ New one. Happened when I ate a candy cane, went chibi mode, then split into two. Oo;;; (Humor)

Chibi Yami Li~ See above, except my Yami ate a c.c... (random... stuff.)

Chibi Lalik Mishtare: Well, she inspires new fics. And in case you can't tell, her name is a mix of 'Malik Ishtar' and 'Li Mitome'...

Chibi Joey~ He just popped in my kitchen one morning. You know how long it takes to catch a chibi Joey holding a box of doughnuts? (more humor. Don't get him and CL together...)

Chibi Change of Heart~ He popped up when my friend and I were fighting over a Yami Bakura plushie. (poetry)

Risika~ she's a chibi vampire, really... I found her after reading, "In the Forests of The Night," by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes. Pretty good vamp book, I should say. (supernatural)

Toby: he's a little orange, fuzzy, orb that just floats and somehow/sometimes glows under all the fuzziness. He inspires happy and song fics, etc. (he's so cute and fuzzy, he's not fuzzy... he's foozy. :P) He reminds me of a Kuriboh without hands and feet, except he glows when in extreme emotion... :P (Um... he's just... there.)

Chibi Dark Magician~ Joined my crew Nov. 30, 2002. SO CUTE!!!!! *huggles him* ^^ (main YGO fics)

Miranda~ She looks like the Soul Release card from YGO, except with wings. She inspires creativeness, the urge to update, yadda yadda. She also trains/controls my muses when I'm too busy. ^^ (She has successfully taught C. M. to jump on Malik and chew his hair whenever Malik is acting up... XD)

Li~ *looks at list* I have a LOT of muses...

Chibis~ XD XD XD *explode out of hall closet and attack whoever is bored enough to read this* JAILBWEAK!!!!!!!!

Miranda~ T-T I... can't control them... TOO MANY CHIBIS!!!!!! T_T

Li~ ... Run. Now. GO!!! YOU IDIOT!!! WHY ARE YOU STILL READING!!!! RUN FOR YOUR (censored) LIFE!!!!! X( *runs off to leave reader alone*

Fave Foods: anything that doesn't breathe (cafeteria food, for instance) PIZZA!!! XD

Quote(s) of the day:

(Me) Fire. Good. Gasoline. Better. Fire EXTINGUISHER. BAD!!! BAD BAD BAD!!!

Fics I/Management deleted:
Never!~ It was basically a list, and you can't have those.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Letters~ Using the review board as other means, for example, "Ask, etc." Which puts me in question of "Terrorize..." I DON"T WANT MY ACCOUNT TO BE DELETED!!! T-T
Quotes!~ List-type thing...
Slumber Party! MWUAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!~ Crude attempt at humor. Answer to WSJ's challenge (check out her profile... there's little time left.) Embarrassing story. Not going anywhere. It's gone. Nuff Said.

Fics currently in the making:

Stardust: Brand new YGO fic. Li and her Yami just moved to Domino from Cairo. They both miss their home back in Egypt, but Li won't move back... yet. They've made a few friends already, they attend Domino High School, almost your normal teenager and yami pair. *Special: About ten people may also be in this fic. Read the first chapter to find out what information is needed and submit it. Guess the number correct and you can be the first guest in the second chappie.* Has nothing to do with Li and her Yami in other stories; most the info is changed so it won't make much sense. (Chapters: 1)

Reverse: Formerly 'Always Room For One More!' but the title just didn't cut it anymore. Li and her Yami are having a good time in Domino after Li excapes her abusive father and mother. Li falls in love with Yami Yugi, but days later, he dumps her for HER Yami. Li gets depressed and tries to kill herself. Ryou and Bakura save her, then Shaadi comes into the mix. Let's say this: Character death in the making. (Chapters: 21)

Crimson Bottle: Background story for Yami Li. 5,000 years ago, she was a middle class peasant in Yami's kingdom. She got tired with her life, and being depressed, ran to the palace grounds and tried to commit suicide. The pharaoh and his high priest Seto (Seth back then) stopped her, and she got away temporarily. (Chapters: 2)

Broken Hearts, Broken Souls: Yami Bakura really gets ticked off and finally beats Ryou to the point of insanity. Having lost his mind, what will the frightened Bakura do? (Chapters: 2)

Broken Reflections: A collection of poetry from my friends and I. Depressing, and a hint of romance here or there. (Chapters: 17?)

Unknown Entity: "This girl walked the streets of your town, sat behind you in English class, and was the one in front of you in the grocery line.

You could search her eyes for any signs of regret, hatred, compassion, or fear. It would never be found.

The only thing she knew was to kill. Kill anyone who got in her way, anyone who contradicted her, anyone..." Read at your own risk. (Chapters: 2)

Subtle Meeting: Not-so-good story of how Li and her... best friend Kat met the YGO gang. (Chapters: 2)

Black Wishes: Hellsing fic. A young woman in a rock band turns out to be a vampire. She scares her enemies into submission, but Alucard visits her, and things go awry. She is to be recruited to help fight an outburst of vampirism in a small town... Rae's hometown. (Chapters: 1)


I'll delete the 'terrorize' fic. Then I'll just post new... terrorizations *is that a word?* On here. Anyways... um... yeah.

Chappie One: Poor Seto-Chan! T-T

Li~ *coats Kaiba Corp in gasoline from the roof* MWUAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!

Kaiba~ *leans out his 100th story office window* WHAT THE (censored) ARE YOU (censored) (censored) DOING OUT THERE YOU CRAZY (censored) (censored) (censored)!!!!

Li~ Wahaha... I DONT KNOW!!! *laughing so hard she rolls off the roof*

EveryoneOnTheGround~ *watches her hit the pavement* OH! That's gotta suck...

Kaiba~ ugh... I'll go call the lawyer... that's the fourth time today she's tried that...

Mr. Cell phone: ring ring!

Lawyer Person~ Hello sir!

Kaiba~ She did it again.

Lawyer guy~ Ya need a restraining order?

Kaiba~ That would be nice.

Lawyer guy~ Can't do that, sir.

Kaiba~ WHY THE (censored) (censored) NOT?!?!

Lawyer Dude~ *voice changes* Cuz, Mr. Kaiba-Dude...

Kaiba~ Why... do you sound like... Li all of a sudden...?

Lawyer dude who's really Li~ Because... *whispers something*

Kaiba~ ... What?

Li~ *whispers again*

Kaiba~ SPEAK UP (censored)!!!



Mr. Cell phone~ buuzzzzzzzzzz *dial tone*

Kaiba~ Lord help me.


Chappie Two: Evil Chibis and the Return of the MIB

Pegasus~ *hums as he is cleaning his eye too keep it all polishy-fied* ^_^ Doo do doo...

Li~ *peeks in window* XD XD XD

Pegasus~ Huh? *looks at window* *sees Li* OH GOD NO!!! PLEASEEE!!!!! *runs screaming and drops his Millenium Eye cleaner*

Li~ *opens window and picks up cleaner* Hm... *wheel thingies turn* ^_^ WaHaHaHaHa!!! Me have plan!!! ^^


Pegasus~ *sitting up in bed in his Funny Bunny pajamas* Can't... sleep... Li will... attack... *SNORE*

Li~ *sneaks in* ^_^

Pegasus~ ^^ *all asleep and stuff*

Li~ *stands up next to his bed and holds the cleaner at arm's length, right in front of Pegasus's real eye* ^_^ *SPRAY*

Pegasus~ *claws at his eye* YOU MEANIE!!!!! *runs into the bathroom*

Li~ I wouldn't do that...

Pegasus~ AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! *runs screaming out of the bathroom and down the hall*

Li~ Lookit what IIIIIIIIIIIII did! ^^ *points to BR*

:Entire bathroom painted black and looks like something from a vampire movie:

Pegasus~ *hiding in closet* *gasp gasp* MUST BE SAFE HERE!!! X(

Chibi Of Unknown Origin~ *Peggy can't see him but can hear him* I wuuuuuuuvvv you, Peggy...

Peggy~ *hugs chibi* Well, I wuv you too, Mr. Chibi! ^^

Chibi~ *eyes glow red in the dark* GET OFF ME AND GO EAT TURDS YOU (censored) (censored) (censored) (BIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGG censor)!!!!

Pegasus~ *mentally scarred for the rest of his life* GAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! *runs down the hall again*

Li~ *skips down the hall after Pegasus singing a song* Bye bye, Mrs. American Pie... Drove my chevvy to the levee but the levee was dry... ^^ *finally sees the chibi come out of the closet*

Chibi Malik~ You owe me forty bucks for saying that "I love you" crap... Ptooie! Now I gotta go wash my mouth out with soap thanks to you!

Li~ *sighs and hands the money over to her muse* There.

Chibi Malik~ A$$hole... *counts the money*

even more later-ish*

Pegasus~ *hanging on a chandelier* *teeth chattering* WON'T... FIND... ME HERE!!!! O_O

Kemo~ *walks in* Uh... sir? You need help?

Pegasus~ *finally cracked* NO!!!!

Kemo~ Uh... sir? What's wrong?


Kemo~ ... O.o;;; Um... Croquet?

Croquet~ *walks in sleepily* Wha...?

Kemo~ Nows the time for the 'last resort'...

Croquet~ Right. *both bust out little silver tubes and flash em at the readers*

Both~ You now remember nothing. *walks off to find Pegasus*

Chappie 3: More Chibi's and a veerrrrryyyy Crispy Malik

*Li's house watching the 'Excorsist at 10:00 pm Saturday*

Deja*Vu~ What's ur fav food? *munches on popcorn*

Li~ Ummmmm... Lotsa stuff... But pizza... or pasta... or Mexican... or Chinese... Hell I love it all except anything that breathes/anything that is unusually green...

Deja*Vu~ Oooooooohhh... My favorite is... is...

Li~ Issss...?

Deja*Vu~ Lol.

Li~ Well?

Deja*Vu~ Is...chicken noodle soup!

Li~ ^^;;

Malik~ *anime falls* X_X

Chibi Malik~ ... *light bulb* MWHAHAHA!!!! XD *floats off into kitchen*

Li~ EEP!!!! CMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O.o *runs after him*

Deja*Vu~ He might devour everything!! Run like hell!

Li~ *from kitchen* EEP!!!!!!!! O_O *runs out*

random things are being chucked through the doorway*

Deja*Vu~ Ahhh... What the hey? *chucks a shoe*

Li~ What is he doing?

Cm~ MWUAHAHA!!!!! XD *chucks a chicken and some water* HOME MADE CHICKEN SOUP!!!!! XD



Chibi Malik~ Wahaha! *chasing chicken*

Malik~ what do you expect me to do?

Li~ O_o


Malik~ This is entertaining enough without my help!

Deja*Vu~ Dear Lord he has a flamethrower!

Li~ ACK!!!! *chucks a rice crispy treat at Malik's head* THANKS A LOT-- wait... WHO HAS THE FLAMETHROWER?!?!?!?

Chibi MaliK~ *doing a fire show* XD

Deja*Vu~ Oooooooh... pwetty...

Li~ ACK!!!!!

Deja: Colors! ^^

Deja*Vu That's going to leave a mark on the wall...

Deja*Vu~ And the ceiling...

Deja*Vu~ And the floor...

Deja*Vu~ And on Malik! O_O

Li~ *chases CM*

CM~ *chases chicken* XD

Chicken~ *jumps into Malik's shirt*


Malik~ AHHHHHHH!!!!!

Malik~ Get it off!

Chibi Malik~ *chases chicken down Malik's shirt WITH the flamethrower*

Malik: AH!

Chibi Malik~ XD XD XD Heeerrrrreee, clucky-clucky!!! XD

Malik~ Get out of my shirt!!!

Deja*Vu~ Boy that sounded wrong... ^^;;

Malik~ JUST HELP ME!!!

Li~ Well, you should have helped earlier and this wouldn't have happened.

Malik~ SO?!?!

Li~ *thinking* Deja, this looks cool... Should we sell tickets or just sit back w/ popcorn and watch the show?

Deja*Vu~ Tickets...

Deja*Vu~ I need some cash ^^

Li~ XD TICKETS!!!!!!!! *runs outside*

Li~ *five second later a crowd comes in and tries to fit on the couch*

Deja*Vu~ *keeps an eye on the entertainment* Come on show's starting...

Malik~ *running in circles*

Li~ *laughing her ass off* XD

Malik~ *his shirt lights on fire*

Chibi Malik~ Buahahaha

Chibi Malik~ Let's cook the chicken!!!

Chicken~ You'll never take me alive!

Li~ O_O

Malik~ Chickens can talk?

Li~ Should we throw water on him and run like hell with the ticket sales?

Deja: Sure~ ^^ *grabs a bucket of gasoline*

Li~ And leave CM to his chicken?

Li~ LOL!!! XD XD XD *grabs three cans of gasoline* BOMBS AWAY!!!! *throws it all on Malik*


Deja~ *throws it on Malik, and watches the colors*

Li~ O_O

Deja*Vu~ Ooooh...

Li~ preeeettyyyyy...

Deja*Vu~ Did we do the right thing?

Deja*Vu~ I could paint it

Deja*Vu~ 'Flaming Chicken' I will call it...

Li~ Um... I don't think Malik's hair is blond anymore.

Deja*Vu~ OMG!!! It's Black, and ashy and ewwwwwwww

Malik~ *giving everyone the death glare* *turns into Yami Malik and the flames are extinguished*


Deja*Vu~ NOOOOO! He's back!!!! O_O

Yami Malik~ *impossible to describe evil look*

Li~ Deja?

Deja*Vu~ *tries to run but trips over a rock*

Li~ We are going to die.

Deja*Vu~ Owwies!

Li~ Soon.

Deja*Vu~ I know that

Yami Malik~ Damn right, motha fuckers! X(

Deja*Vu~ ...

Li~ O_O

Deja*Vu~ I'm too young to die!!!

Li~ *holds onto a rock and begins wailing* WAAAHHHHH! ME NO WANNA DIEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

Deja*Vu~ You're too young for me to die!!!

Yami Malik~ Oh well... DIE!!!!! *holds up what he thought was a flamethrower*

Li~ *looks at the 'flamethrower' and bursts out laughing* LOL!!!!!!

Deja*Vu~ He can't kill us with that...



Yami Malik~ *looks* Aw, (beep!)

Deja*Vu~ Chicken warriors...

Li~ *glares at censor dude* WHY DIDNT YOU BEEP IT OUT EARLIER?!?!

Deja*Vu~ Yeah, children are watchin'! *points to the audience*

Li~ *looks* EEPPP!!!!!!!! *runs away*

Li~ ... *I see young people* O_O

Deja*Vu~ Lol...

Yami Malik~ Hello, be scared I have a REAL flamethrower now!!!

Li~ GAAAAHHHH!!!!!!! *runs like hell*

Yami Malik~ *waves the flamethrower around*

Li~ Whoops, I said Hell... Whoops, I said Hell again... SHIT!!!! I SAID HELL AGAIN!!!!!

Deja*Vu~ *blinks* AHHHHHHH! *hides behind the couch*

Censor dude~ *sleeping*

Deja*Vu~ ^^;;

Deja*Vu~ Thine audience shall protect me!

Audience~ *runs like hell*

Deja*Vu~ Damn hell again!

Li~ Some audience...


Deja*Vu~ They should really be more dedicated...

Li~ O_O

Censor Dude~ *has run away too*

Li~ Obviously...

Deja*Vu~ Is there no one who can help us?!?!?

Li~ Hey... where'd Chibi Malik go?

Deja*Vu~ OMG!

Chibi Malik~ *pops out of Yami Malik's hair* ^^

Li~ Awww! SO CUTE!!!! *takes a pic*

Deja*Vu~ It's alive!!!

Yami Malik~ AcK!!!! BLIND!! X_X *falls over dead*

Li~ O_O

Deja*Vu~ That was too easy


Chibi Malik~ *clueless but couldnt care b/c of the attention hes getting* ^^;;;

Deja*Vu~ Cuteness shall rule over all...

Li~ AMEN!!!!! XD

Deja*Vu~ XD XD!!!

Chibi Malik~ I feel so loved! ^^

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When emotions spill over, the best way to let them go without being drowned in depression is through poetry. My friends and I take this advice, and here are the results.
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