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"Cutter told me recognition is like sitting in a thorn bush,

gulping over-ripe dreamberries with a sand flea up your

nose -- and it's supposed to be good for you! I hope I

never have to go through it!"

-- Scouter, the unsuspecting, on the horror of

recognition; Fire and Flight


my name's kassy -- otherwise known as k -- and i enjoy writing as much as i enjoy reading. my current fic obsessions are harry potter and elfquest, both of which are authored by superb, amazing, brilliant people [ j.k. rowling and wendy and richard pini, respectively ] and are at the top of my favorite reading list. i can't wait for order of the phoenix and i'm always looking for a new elfquest comic [ and on the edge of my seat for the movie ].

as for me, personally, i'm currently 17 years old, living in the United States, and a senior in high school, planning on attending school in the good [ good and cold, that is ] state of alaska and having dreams of either becoming a teacher or entrepreneur. i love theater and history with a burning passion, detest mathematics and science, and generally try my best to get out of schoolwork whenever it seems i have a fighting chance of doing so.

when it comes to what i like to write about, you can count on me to write a love story, sappy romance, comedy, or a not-expanded-on scene i would have liked to have seen added to a book [ or, on a rare occasion, movie ]. when it comes to romances, i general abide by canon in most respects -- if it doesn't seem that the author wants two characters to have a romantic involvement, i won't touch it with a ten foot pole. thus, i ship: [ from harry potter ] Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Fred/Angelina and anything else that seems fitting according to canon. i'm supposing it's pretty obvious who's with who in elfquest, which means i don't abide by random playing of hearts, cheating of lifemates, or other such ridiculous crap. >_

i don't mind slash -- i don't usually enjoy it too well, but i will settle down, read, and appreciate a good slash story every now and then, as long as it stays canon. i detest people who think slash is another word for kinky, raunchy gay porn. ick.

i'm supposing that's about it. when it comes to my fanfication, i don't mind taking a bit of constructive criticism [ which does not mean flaming , but request that it be sent via e-mail, due to the fact that i'm overly sensitive when it comes to other people reading about what others think is wrong with my writing. ^_^ anyone who wants to flame me through e-mail can just go right ahead, but can be prepared to have their heads bitten off . . . i mean, that's just rude, people.

anyway, that's all the space i'm going to waste with this bio [ that is terribly lacking capital letters, if you haven't noticed =D ]. any questions, comments, suggestions, gripes, bitches, hot guys, professions of love, hate letters, love letters, bubotubor pus, hexes, howlers, nude remus lupins, mischievous fred weasleys, hippie-like redlances, or anything else under the sun you'd like to send me can be delivered through e-mail -- or you could use the various snippets of information given in this bio to hunt me down and deliver it in person [ though, honestly, if you can accomplish that, you should be replacing sherlock holmes and not stalking someone ].

with that said, i bid you all adieu. ^_^;

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