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Alex: I feel like I am not good enough of a writer. If you disagree please tell me, and review my stories.
Oh and I thank those who read my stories.

Inuyasha: Come on Alex you write good fics.

Yami: Yeah

Trunks: I'll never get this straight.

Alex: you guys are saying that because Yami I written stories about and Inuyasha and Trunks I'm about to write stories about.

Trunks & Yami: Of course not!

Inuyasha: Your never gonna get her to stop thinking that.

Alex hugs Inuyasha.

Alex:See someone understands. Ok about me My favorite Character from Inuyasha is Inuyasha, from Yugioh my favorite characters are Yami, Shadi, Malik and Isis. From DBZ It's Trunks and from Sailor moon it's Pluto, Jupiter, Luna, Artemis, and Saturn. From Cardcaptors Li and Sakura. From Trigun Vash stempede My favorite singers are Pink, Averil Lavine,The Bangles, and Joan Jett.

Inuyasha: Ok I think I like Alex. You know the way I liked Kikyo and Kagome.

Yami: She's mine.

Trunks: Whatever

Inuyasha: Some one please pry her off me!

Alex: Anyway my favorite Book author is Ardath Mayhar! I love to read humor and fantasy. Gotta go bye.