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~~~November 12, 2011~~~

About my writing:

Strength and Duty: Last updated April 9, 2006 -- Chapter 1 (Complete!)

A short angsty story about a soldier who blames himself for the death of the woman he loves. I don't really know what else to say about it, but I've left some questions at the bottom of the page to help focus your reviews!

I'm Hungry!: Last updated March 26, 2006 -- Chapter 1 (Complete!)

I am a picky eater. I can't help it; I just am. However, it drives my roommates crazy. So, I wrote a little description, as true to life as I could make it, about what happens in our apartment every single day, at least as far as me trying to eat goes. It looks daunting, but it's really not that bad! Go ahead, read and review it! You'll never get another chance to go inside the head of a picky eater.

Gone: Last updated March 24, 2006 -- Chapter 1 (Complete!)

I had a tough semester Spring 2006, and it hit an all time low on February 22. I was getting ready for a social function that I simply couldn't bear to go to--but had to anyway--and I looked in the mirror, and my eyes looked . . . blank. And I felt blank, and lost, and it occurred to me that I had felt this way all day. Like I was lost in thought, only there was nothing in my head. I was on autopilot, but no one had even noticed, because when I was faced with people, the "social niceties" autopilot kicked in, and I smiled and said all the right things, and no one ever knew. I was just . . . lost is the best word I have to describe it. I was lost so deeply within my own mind that I couldn't find my way out (and I, of all people, should have known my way around my own mind). I was lost in thought so deeply that my conscious mind was blank. Completely blank. It was really an odd feeling, because I was devoid of emotion.

In any case, I was staring at blank eyes in the mirror when I came up with this. Short, sweet, simple, and it describes a small portion of what I was feeling that day, in a sort of hypothetical way. So, without further ado, meet Fluffy, who got so lost within her mind that the ubiquitous "they" decided she would be perfect to use as the first human lab rat.

Of Tetonya: Last updated October 11, 2005 -- Chapter 8

When I say I updated, what I really mean is that I changed the Author's Notes. I'll see what I can do to add some entirely new content soon-ish. Maybe. Regardless of when, I DO still intend for it to be finished someday. However, it is also in the process of being rewritten, so I'm not sure how much of the currently published content will be integrated into the new version.

I remember very clearly sitting in the back of my science classroom in 8th grade, bored almost to tears, and finally pulling out my notebook and starting to write. I wrote in class that entire year, and longer, and I still have all of the original manuscript, incomplete though it is. The story has evolved considerably since then, but the main characters and the general idea are still the same. And I still love it. My problem with it is taking all of the millions of related scenes that I've written over the years and picking the few that will make the most coherent plot. I have a general idea of the plot (which keeps evolving over time), but I keep trying to add favorite random scenes that don't really fit.

The Peasant Comes to Call: Last update October 7, 2005 -- Chapter 1 (Complete!)

A Peasant comes to visit the palace at the invitation of The Queen and The Prince. Funny, short, satirical, complete. It only takes a minute to read and review. :)

All about me:

I previously had a long "about me" section including my educational background, interests, and random everything else (including the kitchen sink). That really is largely irrelevant. Here is the short version: I'm female, I'm getting old (old is a relative term, obviously), I like to read and write and do other things, I have an adorable husband (he disagrees with that assessment), two dogs, two cats, and a goldfish (I'm lying about the goldfish). I'm no longer in school (thank god!), but I kinda want to go back for a degree in chemistry. We'll see.

About my activity on this site:

I've been around for a while, obviously. I've also been inactive for a while. I am still writing Of Tetonya, albeit slowly, and when I have enough that I am ready to publish, I'll be back, and I'll start browsing and reviewing and trying to get people to review my stuff, etc (you know how it goes). Until then, I periodically stop by to look for new stuff to read or re-read some of my favorites, and I don't do much else. My recommendation, if you like Of Tetonya, would be to add it to Story Alerts (or add me to Author Alerts) and then go play elsewhere, and you'll get a lovely email when I decide to update.

Happy Reading!!

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Of Tetonya reviews
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