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If you review one of my stories, I will for sure review something of yours. I think it's important to review stories, and I write a review for everything I read. I try to give constructive critiques but if I have nothing to critique I'll still leave a comment. I'm kinda disappointed lately, because it seems that people don't write reviews as much as they used to. I like that there is now a story hit counter to keep track of, and I hope people are reading and enjoying my stories even if they're not reviewing them, but unless people write a review I don't know if they're actually reading it, or just hitting the page, read a line, think my story is garbage and move on.

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Last Updated January 16, 2006

Age: 23

Location: Alberta, Canada

In November I successfully completed the Nanowrimo challenge to write 50,000 words in a month. The story was "The Lady, The Mage, and The Warrior" which unfortunately after 50,000 words is still only about 1/2 way complete, but it's one of the best things I've written and I owe it mostly to actually planning the story before I jumped in and starting writing it. But now I know I can do it, and so I'm going to do some planning for my other stories and then get back to writing them. Namely Royal Innocence and Trials for Kingdoms.

Story Status:

I just cleaned up my account, and deleted from here the stories that I'm no longer working on, and don't see myself working on any time soon, if ever.

The Throne of Ipille

This is actually part two of Trials for Kingdoms, but I've made such a mess of part one that I'm pretty much starting from scratch with this. Several things have changed, and it'll will be perfectly fine to read this party without reading part one.

I started writing the 3rd scene. It should be posted within the week.

Royal Innocence

I really want to finish this story as I know a lot of people were really enjoying it. I've been doing so planning for it but I'm kinda put Valina in a situation that I'm not sure how exactly to get her out of, and getting her out of it is very important to the story, and getting her into it is pretty important to.

Trials for Kingdoms

I really want to keep posting what I have already written, once I have it typed up of course, but I've changed so much over the course of writing it that it feels so twisted up that it makes no sense. It's also getting rediculously long so I think it's probably pretty daunting for most readers. I'm tempted to just scrap what I have so far and start fresh with Part 2, which I think will mostly make sense without reading Part 1, readers just won't have all the back story, but that's starting to feel a little unnecessary.

The Lady, The Mage, and The Warrior

First 2 scenes are posted. Which are actually only one scene, but it was so long that I broke it up into 2 so I don't scare people off. The more reviews I get, the faster I'll post this, as I have a lot written already.

The Stepbrother

I went and reread my authors notes on this one, and realized I promised I'd write more if I got enough raving reviews, which I really did, so I feel bad now that I never continued it. So, I have started writing on it again, and have most of the second chapter written and will be posting it shortly.

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