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hahah i just realized i forgot the r in my pen name! aw well too lazy to change it these days lol in fact without the r it looks kinda cuter lol


I'm a chinese anime fangirl that lingers in canada & i'm not putting details where since i dont' want to be stalked (o.O)

I speak fluent english and chinese & able to understand French & able to speak it more or less.

my top 2 fav animes:
= Card captor Sakura (hate the crap english dub yuck!)
= Digimon (best dubbing i've seen so far ^_^ but the songs could be better)

I also like (seen in english or in french)

-Dragon ball (saw entire series but the first oen 'cuz ytv chopped it!!! and currently watching the last of z on ytv too lol)

-Vision of escaflowne (such a sweet anime & so dramatic)

-Ah my godess (been only reading mangas in french so i've only read the 1st 3 for now...)

-Ramna 1/2 (reading english mangas so i'm still not done that either...)

-Pokemon (i'm addicted to the mangas of magical journey ones but got sick of the show)

-Hamtaro (yes cute fuzzballs all the way!!!!)

-Mon colle knights (what cute kids!!)

-Yugioh (Kick butt Yugi & Joey! Evil lurks everywhere hahaha)

I also watch a whole lot of pointless animes!!!

-Gundam wing (finally i thought they'd never get rid of it after i dunno how many times of playing it over & over again)

-Beyblade (I only watch it 'cuz it's so funny ohoh it's startign to not get pointless... evil is here ahhh that's it for the end? the next season makes them look younger!)

-Medabots (same thing but i hated the endign grrr)

-Fighting foodons (yes i watch it so what!? it just started on foxbox... i miss fox kids!!)

Here's my favanime seen in chinese:

-Cooking master boy (I love their music!!! and latest chinese dubbed i've seen & patlabor looks dumb to me :P)

couplez i support...

Card Captor Sakura:
-Sakura and Shaoran all the way!!!!!!
-Tomoyo and Eriol too but not as much... (there's something seriously disturbed about ms mackenzie and him if only he wasn't the reincarnation...)
-Chiaru and Yamazaki (CUTIES~!!!! not cuz stupid dub...)

Now here's a pretty long list sorry...

(Season 1 and 2)

-tai and sora (i still don't think she looks good with matt)

-izzy and mimi (matt with mimi's ok i guess but there was way more proof of them together in the 1st season)

-Tk and Kari (the cutest or at least one of them in digimon and how could they not put them together!? traitors!)

- Ken and Yolei... i support it but can't think of possible fics for them...

-Takato and Jeri Cutie pattoties!!!!!!

-Rika and Ryo (couple wise out of mine this one is the one i support the most) they look like practically the same age... go dub (age wise) 4 years just don't look right... (-_-)


- gohan and videl coupling cute hehehehe (DBZ)

- hitomi and Van (hot stuff van *drools* lol) (Escaflowne)

- Mondo and Rockna *kawaiii!!!!* (Mon colle knights)

- Mao and Meili meant to be! will they i dunno yet... (CMB)

- Ray and Mariah (soo cute! stop staring at the superstar Ray... ur love is Mariah not a dumb bimbo (ep 22 in dub)

- Akane and Ranma hehe deny all ya want!!! (Ranma 1/2)

- Same thing with you Ash, Misty (Pokemon)

- Hazel & Almond!!! Die Coconut hehhee but luv ur eevee haha ok still luv coconut but luv hazel + (poke magical journeys)

Here's the characters i do own in my fics:

-Kahimi, Ryo & Rika's child in "A moment like this" *done*

-Rinouko, a spirit in "Was it just a dream" (thx for reviewing DigiFreak103 and i'd probably make a sequel if i get an idea and/or i get more reviews :P)

-Emily, character in "dedication"

-Anekia, another new character but in my beyblade fic, "A new beginning" i really need to come up with a better name than that (-.-)'''

-The short-lived characters in "Do you believe in that" (Katrina, Bruno, Rita, Ryan) meh enough said :P

-In my Hey arnold fic i own some too but now makign changes as soon as i'm done typign this tehe