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I'm an eighteen year-old Chinese guy who lives in Ontario, Canada. You could say I'm an otaku, or a huge anime fan. I think you'll realize this if you begin to read my writing, but yes, I am a Christian. No mindless sex here. In fact, no sex at all.

I am a Takari fan, but I do not insert random sap just for the hell of it. Romance in my stories, particularly my present one, the Seihad trilogy, tends to be very understated, mild, and very much a sidetheme. And another thing, I tend to write very, very long and epic stories. ^_^

I have two long stories posted right now. The Diaboromon Trilogy ("Yesterday", "Winter", and "Ashes") was my first attempt at writing, and it's been completed for a long time now. At the moment, I'm in the middle of writing another trilogy, the Seihad trilogy ("The Age of Gods", "Pilgrimage", "Seihad"), a medieval / quasi-fantasy story, and it's going to be even longer than the Diaboromon story. Part I: "The Age of Gods". Part II: "Pilgrimage". Part III: "Seihad". It's completely AU, and you might as well treat it as an original story if you read it. (i.e., some characters may seem rather...out of character)

Finally, I have a private little mailing list through which I alert my readers when I post a new chapter or story. If anyone is interested in joining that list, just email me, and I'll be happy to put you on. Conversely, if you want _off_ the list, just tell me, and I'll take you off. ^_^