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hey my name is gohanSJ3 or well just plain old Amy. You can choose what one you use, i go by both. ^_^ K now that you know my name i want to say a couple of things. first of all Jap Anime is the absoulte best thing ever! Dbz, Yu-Gi-Oh, Sailor Moon, Cardcaptors rock!! there are a lot others i like to but these are my favorites. DBZ being the most. hehehe i can't help it Gohan is so Hot. O.o Oops did i just day that out loud??

anyway there are a lot of other impotant other things in my life... don't get me wrong it's just that Anime is one of the reasons why i get up every morning. to read em and write em'

k lets see what else i can write down?? o yeah i'm a 14 year old, female, i live in Canada, newfoundland to be more precise. yeah that's one of the reasons why i'm crazy. hehe ^_^

i want to tell everyone 1 thing right here right now!!! I don't own any thing that has to do with my fics!! i just use them in starnge and wacky ways 4 my enjoyment. all the author's out dere know what i'm talking about i mean who gets tired of writing disclaimers every 5 mins!! well ppl come on raise your hands! lol ^_^

Anyway i want to say somethig else, i'm a new author so some of my stories may suc and i'm ok with that. i know i only have 2 write now but i'm working on some other ones as we speak. so plz be nice. i just posted my 3rd story so b nice.

oh b-4 i 4-get ihave to say Harry Potter rocks!! i mean fan fiction stories of course and i have read almost every single harry/ Hermione story on the site so plz some 1 if ur reading this and u write harry fics, write one kinda angsty, like hermione getting aptured adn tortured and then Harry comes in and saves her.. yeah or she could die i don't care just plz some 1 write one and tell me about it and i'll b ur 1st reviewer!!!

what else can i say. I like red and Silver black is really cool too!!! i'm feeling spirtual right now so here's some tips and stuff i made up... some of them i got from places i can't remember where.. but just read them ^_^

never doubt some 1 b-4 u kno them.
Smile cause you don't know who will be watching.
Smile when u look at people who know's the just might smile back.
Never hurt someone for fun.
Once in a while do nothing except breath.
Turn off all those elctric gadgits once in a while and pick up a book.
Never b afraid of people you trust
The only way to love some 1 is unconditionaly.
Let loose and let be stupid when u think ur gonna blow.
Like what u want! it Really doesn't matter what people think.
try and let the real u shine threw!
Remember it's never to late to change.
Once in ur life volenteer at a homeless sheatler or soup kitchen.
If you c a homless peson by them a coffee and a sandwiche.
Laugh just because u can.
Don't cahnge you veiws and beleifs to impress some 1. if u have to 2 get them 2 notice u they anit for u!!
If u love some 1 tell them.
If ur with some 1 and u love them and they love u, don't doupt their loyalty and trust them.
cry... just simply cry
go up and talk to a lonly elderaly person
never be afraid to show emotion
eat what ever u wany when ever u want to.
Don't b 2 worries about ur weight
Ur never to young to love.
When it's raining just go out and walk. *without rain gear*
Once in while take the time to do something special just 4 u...
Listen to what ever kind of music u want
Never let a grumpy gus get u down
Dance!! if u can't fake it
Jump ina snow bank and get colded and wet. *it's funner than it sounds*
make a snow angel.
even if ur not very good pick up a pencil and draw what's on ur mind.
don't b afraid to let the child in u out once in a while.
Pick or bite ur nails if u want to!!
Once in a while fake being sick and take a day to relax.
Once in a while buy a liter of ice cream, rent some movies and have some time just 4 u!!

there's one last thing... Enjoy!!!!!! Peace out!! ^_^ Love ya'll always!!


Oh well hello again. IF you cared to read this i have something to tell u!!! I'm in the process of writing something like 6 new stories. I'mgonna make sure i have them completed b4 i post them.. well some of them anyway. So that's the news!!! till Next time pple!!!! ^_^... oh and some r Hp H/Hr!! Yeah!