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NAME: DragonKinfolk or sometimes Dragon34 on FF.net...but for most things its DragonKinfolk

SEX: Yes please. O.o...ok ok. not an Austin Powers fan?? sheesh. Female.

LOCATION: Currently California, but I'm from the Phillipenes...and I won't eat dog...and I absolutely won't eat Balut...I don't care HOW much of a delicacy it is...I'd rather have a bacon double-cheeseburger. :)

AGE: Over 18 but under 50. Here's a hint...I really like those 80s and 90s shows on VH1. O.o

INTERESTS: Oh my goodness...so much... lessee now... Transformers, G1. Especially Hot Rod and Jazz. GI Joe, specifically Flint and Lady Jaye, Leonardo and Raphael, Naruto, especially Bleach, I like to draw and I'm working on my own graphic novel, I play piano and trumpet, and anything Final Fantasy. I'm in the military and I'm one of only 29 female electricians in the Air Force. WOOT! I spend most of my time playing RPGs such as Exalted and BESM, which stands for Big Eyes, Small Mouth...its anime based RPG, The SIMS 2, and I love NatGeo, USA, and Discovery channels, not to mention Sci Fi.

FAVORITE CHARACTER: Ooooh, see my previous list, but to be specific...Legolas (hawt), Riku from Kingdom Hearts, Rattrap from Beast Machines/Wars, Rick Hunter, Kurz Weber, Jayne from Firefly, Spike from Buffy, Lance from Voltron, Priss from Bubblegum Crisis, Renji from Bleach, of course the Phantom of the Opera, Storm and Jubilee, Tifa, Data, Worf (Ka-PLA), Hexadecimal and especially Mouse (both from ReBoot)...oh my...I could go on and on...but I won't :)

QUALIFICATIONS: really none that pertain to writing, though English was my favorite subject in college. I have an AA in electrical/mechanical engineering, and am working on my BA. As stated I'm in the military and have served in Iraq, Slovenia, and recently the United Arab Emrates. ALL of them good deployments. :) but I like it better here in Cali :)

ALL ELSE: hmm...wanna see my artwork? Visit me here @

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