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Hi there! I'm not really new anymore so I'm taking out junk that I don't need on this bio.

About me? I'm a tall blond girl with cobalt blue eyes. I love Harry Potter (Malfoy or Potter? Decisions, decisions!), Escaflowne (Van is HOT!), Labyrinth (*sigh* I admit that I have a crush on a certain Goblin King), Forbidden Game Trilogy (I LOVE Julian!), and some other Manga and books. I absolutely FAWN over the Phantom of the Opera (I HATE Raoul with a passion!) I love to read, write, sing, dance, and act but when I grow up, I want to be a writer. Mostly I'm good at updating and I review other stories all the time so if you give me your account address, I'll most likely go check your stuff out. I use to review under the name 'selena' but that wasn't logged in since I wasn't a part of back then.

I'm also a beta-reader so e-mail me if you want me to proof read some stuff. Usually I'm in a hurry to post up chapters (since I'm addicted to reviews) and in the process I overlook my own spelling mistakes. When it comes to someone else's work, however, I tend to catch a lot of the mistakes. So, once again, e-mail me if you want me to check anything that is Labyrinth, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, L.J. Smith, or Escaflowne related. If its slash, I'll most likely help you, but I can't give you my honest opinion without hurting your feelings.

I have four muses and they pretty much behave (more than I can say for other muses). They're from my stories but I don't really own my alter ego since she owns herself and she'd probably kill me if I claimed that she was mine (and Jareth would kill me too). Okay, Faith is the first one, then Red, then Michu, and Crystal is my alter ego. ^-^ They bite, so be careful.

'A Kingdom's Betrayal' will have some slash but nothing graphic, I promise! For those of you who think that I'm being biased, go suck on a toad or something. I am not biased because BOTH of uncles on BOTH sides of my family are gay! So there!

About my stories;

~'Its a Twin Thing' is now COMPLETE. Basically, Lily Evans has a twin sister named Faith Evans. The fic discusses their lives from their first year and why Petunia hates them. Later on it also explains why no one ever talks about/mentions/acknowledges Faith in Harry's future (and why Harry isn't living with Faith since Sirius can't take care of him). Some of you might hate the pairings that I've come up with but hopefully you'll like it overall. It's set in the Maurader's time. The sequel is out and it's called 'Twisted Second Year'.

~ 'Twisted Second Year' is the sequel to 'It's a Twin Thing'. It has Lily and her twin sister Faith. They seem to have gotten the attention of the Dark Lord and very bizarre things start happening to them. I know a lot of you are worried about the pairings, but I'm telling you that this is going to go exactly as it does in the Harry Potter books so don't worry about that.

~'A Kingdom's Betrayal' is the story of Senshi Star, the leader of the Senshi on the Moon. She meets the wizard prince of Elysian and his three best friends. I won't give anymore away but it's a Harry Potter/Sailor Moon crossover but I have to warn you ahead of time that I will be doing some major Sailor Moon bashing (her character) since I really hate her personality. Anyway, its a post-Hogwarts fic so you figure it out. All I have to say is that Endymion isn't the prince and the Silver Millenium isn't as wonderful as it's made out to be in the comics and TV series.

~ 'The Diary of Lily Powerstone' is a lot of fun to write since I can be as emotional as I want about it. Thank you to all of my wonderful reviewers for your support. No, this is not the diary of Lily Evans Potter, but another Lily. She thinks that she's a magickless girl until her parents ship her off to England to become a witch. She, of course, has no idea about their plans and is even more shocked when she finds out that the people she took to be her parents aren't really who they have pretended to be. It's refreshing to read, I promise.

~ 'Twists and Turns' has become my pride and joy, probably because everyone seems to like it so much and because it is no COMPLETE. ^.^ Well, our darling Goblin King was spending another day in his castle, talking to his goblins, minding his own buisness when who should come along but our dear Sarah, knocking at the gates of his Labyrinth? How did she get there? Who 'kidnapped' her? Why does she want to get her dreams before telling Jareth a big, bad secret which no one but lil' ol' me knows about? Needless to say, this is a J/S fic but you'll be surprised, I promise you. ^.^ Just one more chapter until it's done!

~ 'Labyrinth of the Heart' is the sequel to 'Twists and Turns'. Michu is back and has discovered a new crisis in the Underground. Sarah and her two children have been kidnapped by the Shadow Queen Morgana and Michu has to find a way to save her best friend! It's coming along nicely so go check it out. I love to write it!

~ 'Shattered Dreams' is my newset fic. Crystal was discovered half dead in a cold alley in New York City. Now that she has become a teenager, she has discovered that she is somehow connected to the Labyrinth. Who is she? And why does she seem to hate and love Sarah so much when she finds the young actress playing the role of Sarah in the new play, 'Labyrinth'? No more giving away secrets! Read and enjoy it!

~ 'Echo Your Dreams' is a brand new fic. I read Ariastar's bio and learnt all about the PPC, OFUM, and a lot about Mary Sues. I wondered to myself, 'What would happen if a Mary Sue was changed by a spell and became an agent bent on destroying other Mary Sues?' Well, Freya Mildred Liana Isis Echo (in short known as Red) joins up with fan fiction writer and hater of all things Mary Sue named Megan Halls. Together, the two of them find Mary Sues and kill them (but not before Red and Megan get some special training in the Land of Tolkien)!

Well, that's about it for now. ^.^ Hope that you like! Oh, and something else . . . .

Red, Michu, Faith, and Crystal: PLEASE READ AND REVIEW!!!!