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well letsee!

NAME: *personal!* (well,no...i admit it! i juz hate my name,k!)

AGE: *old enough!!!!!*

FRIENDS ON : Angel-blader *(she's so sweet!)*
Element Gaurdian
GENDER: Male( duh! u can tell from my pen-name!) *NOTE* i would juz like 2 incourage more boys 2 write fics! I c girl authors everywhere on this site... but, i've only seen one boi author!!! Plz, get outta wateva hole ur in and WRITE fics (there is nothin wrong with guys writting stories, cuz its done everyday!)!!!
HAIR COLOUR: Blonde with brown roots (my real hair colour is brown but i dyed it blonde... but the roots still show).

PERSONALITY: Wiccan-Punk! ( I am NOT goth... i juz get called goth A LOT! Though, i don't mind! i have nothin' against them!)


PAST TIMES: drawin', playin' the electric guitar, playin' the piano, and girls!
ALL ABOUT ME!: as u probably already know... I'm. A. Wiccan. I wear baggy clothes, chains, jewellry(m), and i wear a "spiked dog collar". Yes, i wear GOTHIC clothes 2!!! I love 2 draw and play the elctric guitar and piano!

FAV.MUSIC ARTISTS: Eminem, Avril Lavigne, and ANY Punk-solo- artist!!!(i like 'em all!)

FAV. MUSIC BANDS: Sum41, Puddle Of Mud, Slipknot, Linkin Park, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and ANYTHING Gothic, Punk, or Heavy Rock!!!!!!

FAV. TYPES OF MUSIC: Punk, Heavy Rock, Gothic.

FAV. COLOUR(S): Black, Blood Red, and Dark,Dark Blue.

: Pizza and hot-dogs

FAV.ANIME: Beyblade, Gundom Wing and Yu-Gi-Oh! THATS IT!!!! i'm not into anime that much! i don't ussually like anime, but i like these ones!

FAV.GIRLS: Any good-lookin punk/or goth girl! (both anime, or not) Yes, yes... i can't name any anime girl like that at the moment, but it doesn't matter! i like em' all! no matter how rare! ( same thing applies 4 "real" gurls 2!