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Name: Jethro 'Jay' Logan.

Sex: Male

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The Final Fantasy series
Command & Conquer
Half Life
Metal Gear Solid
Legend of Dragoon

Personality: I'd say... screwed in the head?

I write a lot. When I can't write, I tend to sketch something from what I'm writing. I want to be an author, and as a means of storing the novel, they'll be posted up on this here site. I will ban you from reviews if you flame me, but I want you to point out faults with the story so that I can edit it out. All my stories will be based in the same universe, just at different points in time, though they'll mainly be based around a certain group of heroes.
One thing that has always amazed me is the way the Star Wars universe became so huge. If people want to write they're own novels based around mine, I won't stop you, so long as I'm informed.

You may also Email: suggestions, ideas, characters, ect. However, if you do, it doesn't strictly mean I'll use them, and I may edit them so that they fit in with the Rogue Universe.

Thank you.

In Progress

The Precious Emerald of a Bird of Prey: Snapshots of the lives of an unlikely couple.

Rules for Writers by The Telltale Trickster reviews
A collection of essays that focus on little things in writing. These topics will range from how to create villains to the use of certain plot devices, or how they should be used. Feel free to pull me up on what you don't agree with or ask for a topic.
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The Precious Emerald of a Bird of Prey reviews
A series of short tales set in a rogue universe; snapshots of the lives of a couple who belong to two completely different species: He is a human, she's an evolved, bipedal lizard.
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