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Hi! Well anyway, if you're reading my bio, I'm flattered. I'm just your typical girl CRAZY for anime and RPG games. Squaresoft rulz! Sure my life's not that ordinary but I won't be making this an autobiography. If you wanna get to know me a little bit, keep reading.

Pen name: Raei Dagger (obviously)
Nickname: Raei/ Hakuryuu/ Kaei/ Pony . . . . .
Name: n/a
Gender: Female
Country: Philippines
Age: 13
Age in Fanfiction.net: Three months. I'm still a baby sucking on a bottle, wearing diapers and writing fics inside my crib on my widdle laptop.
School: n/a (delikado sabihin eh)
Likes: FOOD! Fashion, People who review :P, RPG's (mostly by squaresoft) especially FFVII-FFX-2, fanfics, anime, basketball, skating, drawing, hanging out with friends, singing, piano playing, heavy metal rock, pop...
Dislikes: school, complicated problems (usually in math AND science), a certain pig, ele-rat and a horse, annoying people, too arrogant people, people who don't act their age (those who know me already know who)...
Birthday: June 10, 1989
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Three things I cannot live without: family, friends, FOOD
Personal Motto: Put of for tomorrow what you can do for today (I'm so lazy. Now you know why I don't update too quickly.)
Devil or Angel?: Devil. You won't find me a very angelic person.
Role Model or Biggest Inpsiration: my reflection. Hahahaha! Nah. I'd have to say that its my friends
Greatest Dream: to work in Toei Animation or CLAMP and make my own anime. Or work for Squaresoft and work on Final Fantasy
Fav. color: black and violet
Fav. stuff: Accessories (my moon and cross necklace); computer, my basketball, FOOD! and so on
Fav. anime: Saiyuki, X, Gundam Wing, Weiss Kreuz, Yu Yu Hakusho, Vandread, Slam Dunk, Yami no Matsuei, it will fill the entire page if I keep going on with this.
Fav. Songs: Words I Feel, Simple and Clean, Melodies of Life, Suteki da Ne, Eyes on Me, Other Side of the Moon, Velvet Underworld, For Real, Last in My Winds, Beautiful Alone, Eden...
Current status: still hungry! I need chocolate!
Plans: play Kingdom Hearts or Metal Gear Solid 2

Sorry for this but I'm lookin for beauty tips. No one here seems to know a thing about it. I'm the only one in this house who seems to accessorize and go with the fad! In other words, I'm a girl growing up!

Plans for R.O.A.S.C.*
Kill Naoki (done)
Kill Hagaki (why not!)
Kill Raei (...maybe)
Reincarnate Naoki (if only I can figure out how)
Make a scene where Hakkai and Yaone will fight each other (success!)
Make Sanzo suffer (sure!)

Okay. For those of you who read my bio, please copy this part and forward. I got this from A. Pikachu.

-;-* A b o u t Y o u~*
: n/a
2.single or taken: single
: female
4.age: 13
color: dark brown
6.eye color: dark brown
*-;-* R e l a t i o n s h i p s~*
1. Best Friends: Ecchi, Jasmin, Sara, Dimantrien, Monica, Hagaki Ozuno, A. Pikachu, Silent X, Kanzeon Bosatsu, Amethyst Edges, Tops
You Have A Boyfriend/girlfriend: no comment
3.If No b/f or g/f whos your crush: secret!
3) Did you send this to your crush?: don’t know his e-mail
4) Did your crush send this to you?: whoah! He knows my e-mail?! Of course he didn’t!
5)Who are you sending this to?: everyone who reads my bio

-;-*F a s h i o n S t u f f *-;-*
1. Fav place to shop: Penshoppe, Bench
any peircings/tatoos: ear (the left ear)
3.(for the guys)boxers or briefs:
4.(for the girls)thongs or panties: *glares*

-;-* T h e E x t r a S t u f f *-;-*
1.fav band: Linkin Park, A1, S-Club 7
2. fav color: black, purple
you do drugs: What do you take me for?! A drug addict?!
you like to drink: I drink ONLY at New Year. You know. The Champaign, red wine, white wine thingy
5.are you still a virgin: *glares HARD* Do you plan on living long?
6.what are you listenin to right now: MY brother watchin Rugrats
7.whats your dream car: JAGUAR (only certain Jags) and DIABLO!
8.whos the last person you called: Kanzeon Bosatsu. She’s busy up there in heaven.
9.(for the guys)what do u look for in a girl: I’m not a guy.
10.(for the girls)what do you look for in a guy: cute, nice personality, can cope with me, we share the same interests, not the type that always follows the rules
11.who do you think is the best looking person U know: dunno

-;-* H a v e Y o u E v e r *-;-*
1.been in love: no comment
2.used someone: yeah, still do sometimes, but I try not to.
3.done something dirty: cheating, yes, THAT, no.
4.had your heart broken: I think that’s my secret

-;-* Of All Your Friends Who Is The...*-;-*
1.Craziest: we just came from the mental hospital!
2.smartest: can’t say
3.shyest: Eggnog!
4.funniest: all of us
5.stupidest: all of us
6.Prettiest: all of us too! We’re gorgeous! Hahaha!
7.nicest: all of us (I’m seeing a pattern here)
8.loudest: we're all loud
9.sportiest: Me!!!!!!

-;-* F i n a l Q u e s t i o n s *-;-*
1) Do you like filling these out: cool with me
2) How many people are you sending this to?: dunno. how many people read my bio?
3) Who will send it back: dunno
5) Gold or Silver: silver
6) What is the last film you saw at the cinema: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets with Sanzo-ikkou and Eggnog
7. Who would u HATE being locked in a room with?: SOSA!!!!!! GRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!
8. Who would u LOVE being locked in a room with?: Riku or Pao!

Sorry if it takes quite a long time to update my fics coz I'm a busy person. Kinda. :)

Special Thanks:
Hagaki Ozuno a.k.a. Hakkai/ Tenpou/ Rukawa/ Kenshin/ Killua/ KKK+69... (she's one of my best friends)
A. Pikachu a.k.a. Son Goku a.k.a. Fukutsuza Naoki (A sugoi fic writer like Hagaki and she's a classmate of mine)
Silent X a.k.a. Sanzo-sama/Konzen Douji
Eiko Carol (supposed to be a co-author but does nothing. one of my best friends)
Zidane Tribal (sadly, my cousin. does not deserve thanks but I put him in anyway. And I'll remove him if he keeps on pestering me.)
Dimantrien (a genius fic writer! hi Den2! I officially join the ani-Dumbo campaign!)
Kanon*Altrui (I love your fics!)
Kanzeon Bustasu (otherwise known as the goddess of NO mercy)
Amethyst Edges a.k.a. Koujyo(Nice bio. ^_~ You've got potential in basketball. We'll win next year!)
Amyza (I'm a fan of yours!)
Barkada (Kamusta?!)
THE RED MARK ARMY! (long live us!)
tensaispira (Visit me!)
Zeal Strife (Hello!)
Saiyuki Freak
Mei Cera
ceres 17
xxx01 or the xxx members...

I really appreciate reviews! Please review me! But be nice! Although I don't mind flames, I don't want to get them, Someone *chuckles* almost flames me in Al Bhed. Haha! You know who you are even though you said that wasn't a flame. And it isn't. I don't really care.

Raei Dagger. A girl with too many nicknames
(1..2..3..4.. Hey! She's right!)
*Nix I have ('*' = by Dimantrien)
1. Raei Dagger
2. Rae
3. Kae
4. Kate
5. Hakuryu
* 6. Golden Bangus
* 7. Silver Pagong
8. n/a (by Eiko Carol)
9. Miyagi
* 10. Burloloy
* 11. Egyptian
* 12. n/a
* 13. Pony
15. T.K.
* 16. T.B.
17. Ter-Ter
19. Teddy Bear
20. Choco (coz I like Chocolate)
21. Rose
22. Jun
23. Luna
24. Ters
25. Lightning
* 26. B* L*
27. Cookies

Eek! That is way too many nicks! Oh well. I can remove some. Dimantrien! Remove those nicks!

People I need to apologize to:
Hagaki Ozuno (Whatever I did, sorry!)
Joseph (Actually I don't need to apologize to you but after I gave you that black eye and those bruises, I guess I went too far. But you won't get to do whatever you want with my friends mister! I'll kill you first!)
Sakura [Himura] Myojin (Sorry for those harsh comments. I admit that I'm irritated with wrong grammar but I guess I shouldn't criticize you. And that ??? guy was actually boy who read my fic and e-mailed me. He told me what he reviewed.)
Demon Boy (I didn't mean to point out every single error on your fic. I just go overboard with those kinds of things. You know? Sorry if I offended you in any way! I didn't mean to! Are you mad?)

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A Little Piece of My Life (can I copy it Pika-chan?)
Raei Dagger: Hey! Pocky! Give me some!
A. Pikachu: No! Raei Dagger: Ahhhh! ChocoLATES! GIVE ME! GIVE ME!
A. Pikachu: *bites a piece* No! Speech Choir Group: The Listeners
Side Group: Is there anybody there?
My Group: Said the traveler, knocking on the moonlit door.
A. Pikachu: *bring out some chocolates while helping with the props*
Raei Dagger: *puppy dog eyes*
A. Pikachu: *sticks out her tongue and takes a bite*
Raei Dagger: *teary eyes chibi style* Raei Dagger: How about Chocolates/Raei/Chocolates? Nice triangle!
A. Pikachu: The hell! OUR chocolates.
Raei Dagger: No! MINE!
A. Pikachu: Selfish.
Raei Dagger: Okay fine! OURS. That presentation looks like Disney. Aha! Kingdom Hearts! Riku!
A. Pikachu: Sora!
Silent X: They happen to have BIG feet.
A. Pikachu: It's all because of Disney!
Raei Dagger: Don't big feet mean that they have big cocks?
A. Pikachu: *laughs*
Silent X: How did we get to that topic?
Raei Dagger: Dunno. But think about the shape of Sora's shoes. What it his foot was that shape? What if his d* is that shape. How do you shov-
Amethyst Edges: Hey! That's enough! This is getting way too hentai.
Raei Dagger: Oh okay. Here we have a human (X!), a cross between a human and demon (Edges!), a goddess (Rei_chan!)-
Silent X: And that's a pokemon! *points at A. Pikachu*
A. Pikachu: Schweeeeee!
All: Shut the hell up!

Souls in the Wind reviews
A thief with a terrible past gets caught while stealing and was ordered by the emperor of Cyrempalus to retrieve a stolen book from Zerampelainne.Two other thieves and Cyrameplus' captain of the guards help him.But what's the book's secret?Love story too!
Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,245 - Reviews: 1 - Published: 3/15/2003