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Konnichiwa! Welcome to my page!

Name: Claire
Country: Canada
#1 Language: English
#2 Language: French
Age: Fourteen
Height: 5"2...I think
Weight: I should tell you... why?
Fav. Subject: Science (Monsieur Laffin is really cool!)
French (I just don't like the novel study we're doing in French. It's called, "La Cavernelle". It's about these teens and they get stuck in a cavern, and when they get out, they find out an atomic bomb or something dropped. It's weird. So yeah! Madamoiselle Mangieri is nice! We play games!)
Least Fav. Subject: Social Studies (I like the topics we're learning, but not the teacher, Madame Savaria. My friend didn't have her glases so I was reading what it said on the whiteboard to her. Mme. has a cow and asks me to appologize to her. I'm like, "So-ree." She got all snooty and is like, "Well you know what? I don't have to forgive you!" God, you don't know how bad I wanted to storm out of class.
L.A. (An author not liking L.A.? It's true. Mr. Lee is a prick. He talks about bosoms. Like, ewwww! My friends are campaigning to get him sacked. It's really funny because at least one person gets kicked out per class.)
Band (I looove playing the clarinet. It's alot of fun. I like going to concerts and on retreats. Then why do I hate band? Simple. Mr. Lee teaches that too.)

Fav. Animes: Card Captor Sakura, Sailor Moon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Esclaflowne and Digimon.

Fav. Couples:
1)Sakura & Syaoran: I mean c'mon! They are such a cute couple!
2)Sakura & Eriol: They've got this whole light and dark thing going, not to mention magical strenght
3)Hitomi & Van: The last episode where they kiss and she's whisked away is PRICELESS.
4)Usagi & Mamoru: I only like them in the manga. It's the essence of true love.
5)Serenity & Van: He's a king. She's a princess. They both have wings. Is that fate or what?
6)Serenity & Yue: She's the Moon PRINCESS, he's the Moon GUARDIAN. They belong together.
7)Usagi & Legolas: They're both graceful. They're both blonde. They are both royalty. It fits.

Fav. Movies:
1)The Craft
2)The Matix
4)The Ring
5)The Little Mermaid: I've watched this movie so many time I can quote it. ~starts singing "part of your world"~

Fav. Book Series:

Title of Series: Harry Potter. Author: J.K. Rowling. Description: Do I really need to? Rating: 10/10

Title of Series: The Immortals Author: Tamora Pierce Description: Diane doesn't have the gift, but she has wild magic, the most ever seen. She can communicate with animals, and it comes in handy during her adventures! Rating: 9/10

Title of Series:Circle of Three
Author: I'll have to get back to you. Description: Three girls get tangles up in the craft that is wicca. Rating: 8/10

Star-Chan's top 10 music list:
1)Simple Plan
2)Michelle Branch
3)Mandy Moore
4)Treble Charger
5)Vanessa Carlton
10)Puddle Of Mudd

Future Stories:

Title: Unmasked Destiny
Category: Card Captor Sakura
Rating: Pg-13
Summary: Sakura has been noticing changes. Big ones. Ones she can't explain. What's with it all? Is anyone who they say they are? What is her destiny?

Title: None (yet)
Category: Sailor Moon Crossovers
Rating: Pg-13
Summary: An AU fic. Serenity is a powerful sorceress. What happens when she meet up with an equally powerful man and makes a new form of magic with him? What about her growing attraction to him?