Bakura and Malik's Angel
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My Pro file is?
My name is vanessa
I am 16 years old
I don't have a boyfriend any more because I dumped him so him and me are just friends
I go to Ashington college
I watch: Digimon, Dragon Ball Z, Yu Gi Oh

Job in the future: To make my own cartoons I am planing to put up a story on my own made called Battlemon.

Music I listen to is Westlife, A1, Natural

Characters I like from the shows is? Bakura,Malik,Joey,Duke Devlin,Yami,Mokuba and Rex from Yu Gi Oh. Kouji and Ken from Digimon. Jiisu, Goten,Pan,Videl,Superme Kai,17,18 and Marron from Dragon Ball Z.

Faveourite films. The lion king one and two. the lost boys.

Boys that I think are cute are, Ben from A1 and Nicky from Westlife, Kenze from blazen squred.

My friends are, Amy, Amanda, Cheryl, Terry, Malcom, James, Carlolane,Damion,Lizey, Danel, Katheren and Clair.

I am Friendly, kind, careing and a good friend.

Songs I like, The cheeky song by the cheeky girls, Like a prayer by mad house, Unbreakble by Westlife, Make it good by A1 and Put your arms around me by Natural.

Faveourite couples

Malik/Yami Malik
Ryou/Yami Bakura

Characters I hate

Yu Gi Oh: Seto Kaiba/Peagus/Bandit keith/Yami Malik/YamiBakura.

Digimon: Yolie/Joe/J.P.

Dragon Ball Z/GT: Hurcuel, Kurlin and all of the bad guys apart from Jiisu/17 and 18.

Faveourite colours

Pink and Purple

Funny things that has happened throw the years.

1) I went to a trip with the school for the weekend and we all played a game we were bland folded and we had to go down the woods holding on the rope I nearlly fell in the mud and this lad out the class said nothing would happen but he fell in the river.

2) When I went to college I wanted to dump Terry but when I did dump him he actully said that he was going to dump me to, I we were just not sad one bit.

3) On my second week at college me and my friends were walking up stairs to floor three to class but when we were nearlly their I neally fell down the stairs.

well I hope you like my storys.