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Burnfist: yo burnfist here. here's a little bit about myself:
Real name:????? (do I have to tell you?)
likes:anime, drawing, video games,and food.
dislikes: darkfist(my evil alterego), fans who write fanfics to diss other characters,and Amakusa Shougo(murderer of RK)
favorite anime:
Rurouni Kenshin(Best damn anime to ever come out)
Inuyasha(Great anime. Really good to watch when Shougo appears)
Hamtaro(Darkfist:Huh? Burnfist:So what if I like Hamtaro. Oh here's my alterego Darkfist. Lets ignore him and he will go away. Darkfist:Hey!)
Video Game based anime(Sonic, Street Fighter,Fatal Fury just to name a few)
Yu Gi Oh (dakrfist: that dueling crap. burnfist: SHUT UP!)
Favorite Video Games:
Sonic the Hedgehog (my fave. especially the SA series)
Final Fantasy
Fighting Games (street fighter and KOF are my faves.)
Evolution series (darkfist: don't tell me you like long dungeon crawls too? (burnfist is about to give shockfist candy) Uh, never mind.
Burnfist team: Burnfist, Darkfist, Shockfist, my girlfriend, Tenken Chick, and Lone Dragon.
Fan made characters: Joe, Oreo, Hiroshi, Honeybun, Iggy, Keno, Kenshin, Shade, Ken, Christie, Marimo, and Kyle.
Burnfist: Well that's it! please read and review my fics.