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hey... i'm a crazy random person, as anyone i know will tell you. i'm 14, medium height, wierd "hazel" or "olive" (mother's words there) eyes, and crazy... oh yeah, i'm a girl.

anyways, not much stuff up yet but more coming soon!... wow sounded like a commercial schpiel there. anyways, have more stuff but need to edit it and upload it yet. so keep checking and reviewing!

i like to write poetry mostly. i may put up some other stuff but thats about it. lots of wierd things to write about if youre me. not much love stuff cuz (hah!) not much experience in THAT area. i can dream though, huh?

as i said above, i AM crazy... so mostly my crap is random and doesn't make sense. it is like, opposite ends of the feelings spectrum... and its funny and i like it so no flames on anything because i'm just special and don't deserve to get flames. anyway, review my things nicely not meanly.

bubblegirl is just a thing of mine... its a thing that i made up on the dc trip and my bff and i have this thing... yeah. just so you know, this is a good indication of me. crazyness, but how i feel.

its me again... obviously. anyways, nobody but like three peoples have reviewed! even if you hate my stuff, or you have nothing to say about it cuz it's so boring, just say SOMETHING!! like, nice. or, good. or , i like it. or, i hate it. SOMETHING!! this would make me mucho happy. please?!

ok i am in a major self-grrr arg mode now. so probably something soon about how evil the world is. please keep reviewiing! thanks to those who did!

ok me is in bigbig sadness now. anything posted from here on out will be new and therefore crappy; nobody loves me so i am sad and waaaa i want my mommy. sniff sniff.

ok kinda depressed this week. one highlight: it's raining today! yay! inside joke. sorry. had to do that. anyways, having some problems w/ ppl and family and life in general (as always). yeah. single bright light at the end of the tunnel: i got some magnetic poetry and it is so much fun. i made three really sorta kinda random poems yesterday and i will post them soon. they're awesome: you probably will think i'm insane. well, i got news for you. i am. anyways, unless you're me or else really really special you won't understand what i'm talking about. if you do, there is no need to tell me, unless you need to set the record straight and need to justify your stupidness. anyways, read and review like normal.

note: if it is a magnetic poetry poem, there will be a little star (*) by the title. specialness to those of us who understand the world. or otherwise known as my life.

ok i just looked at my stats and i now have over 1000 words! yay! i know, its not that much, but i need something to talk about, ok? yeah. just so you all know, since you all care so much.

magnetic poetry is awesome; we must all love and worship it. yes, i am crazy; yes, i am also serious. it is insane and THEREFORE (three little dot thing) we love it. how's that? heehee. no, really; my things are quite crazy and you should lock me up in an asylum before i hurt myself. or YOU! muahahahaha. The Count laugh there. you know, from sesame street? yeah. insane one departing now.

ok just checked my thingy to make sure it worked and it DIDN'T!!!! so no little stars. much sadness. grr arg. anyways, the ones that have magnetic poetry in the description thing are FROM MAGNETIC POETRY. not that hard people. yeah. so the crazy ones are probably magnetic poetry. NOW REVIEW!!!!

ok i am now in a wierd, detached sort of mood. anything will be examining my crazy life and why i live it the way i do. so there. pstb. ummmm yeah... a friend told me something today that made me think how easy it would be to die, or to kill someone else... ever thought about it? yeah. i get these wierd lightheaded feeling around tall buildings and sharp knives... not like i really would, but how easy it would be is amazing! wow!?! confused now. think about it ppl.

ok nightfire now has a new account for her dark side. star wars or yu-gi-oh apply there. if you don't know what i'm talking about then you suck. you need to watch tv and movies. anyways, now that i've done my reader bashing, we can move on. if you can find my account then you're special, you get a gold star. if you can't, bummer. just thought i'd let you all know cuz i won't be posting as much stuff here, but still some. so there you go. pstb.

ok nightfire had finals today and they were really easy. we had two hours each for math and english, and i fininshed each in about an hour. we had to stay for at least an hour and a half, so i had some time to write some poetry. funness. as usual, it's lots of fun to write things and i like getting reviews, so you can review my stuff nicely please. pleeese!?

sorry i haven't updated in so long people. i've been busy with depressing things that none of you care about anyways. i might actually be posting some things in the near future. i got a review recently on something old, for which i am eternally grateful. thank you, signal fire.

and also thanks to innocent's death, aka black shadow writer or kilandra yamitea, for everything.

oh yeah: any flames will be used to roast you. i will hunt you down and GET YOU. so watch out... muahahahahahahahahaha. heehee.

arrividerchi, (for now)

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