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I'm not sure if I'm just clumsy, or just plain stupid...I kind of shut the door on my hand, and let me tell you, it was one of those school doors that's practically made out of titanium! Gak! I won't be able to use my right hand for a while...

As you can see, I have gotten my little old self back after that little car crash that involved my uncle. The only thing different about me? I kind of 'saw' the light, and decided to take off all my favorite lists.

Why, you ask? Well, I don't consider my self a great author, and I really, REALLY hate being picky. I remembered when I was little - a bit naïve (like not knowing what 'hate' meant) and liking everyone around me, even those weirdoes in school (Gak! There I go again). I kind of got really ashamed of myself after that little flashback and decided to be more open-minded. Meaning I'm not going to have anymore favorites. ^_^

Oh yeah...sorry for not updating as fast as I did while typing THOU SHALL NOT HATE WINTER, guess I kind of lost my touch. I'll be around more often than not, and I'll also finally have the time to review other stories! Yay! ^.^


HALF INNOCENT: *10th chapter up since 1/26*
THE LIFE OF A DEVIL: *8th chapter up since 2/5*
GET A LIFE!: *6th chapter up since 2/8*
STREET RAT: *6th chapter updated*
THROUGH THE BLANK STARE: *5th chapter up since 1/24*
NEVER ENDING NIGHTMARE: *2nd chapter up since 1/25*


Ideas are popping into my head. It's as if my muse is torturing me with vengeance. @[email protected] Nooo...

Full Pen Name: ~*o Sasali the Snowgirl o*~

Home: Let's used to be Tokyo, Japan then it was Shanghai, China and after that it was Toronto, I'm in Illinois, bet's on Africa now

Nationality: How to explain this...I'm a pure-blooded Chinese, so no doubt about where my ancestors are from, but I was actually born in Japan...but I'm not exactly Japanese either, since the Asian have different laws than the I'm Chinese...yet in a way I'm actually Japanese...

National Tongue: I'm planning on learning Chinese, Japanese, English, and French...PERFECTLY. I'm fluent in Japanese, though, and I could understand Chinese easily enough. I'm just bad at grammar in English and kind of rusty on French. Guess I'll find some time to work up on my language skill.

Appearance: This is a hard one...people are starting to say that I kind of look like Mulan, which is freaky because I'm also somehow related to her...directly or indirectly, I have no idea...the only difference is I have now highlighted my hair magenta in an attempt to be an individual...(if you're really big on Inuyasha's reincarnation thing with Kikyou and Kagome, I suggest you take notes right now)

Personality: Oh do you say...let's see, the day before yesterday, I was insane, then yesterday, I was just plain, I'm just a shy little girl...people like to say that I'm like Ying and minute, I'm an evil, solitary girl with a sympathitic heart (Yang), then the next, I'm a sweet little girl with a very evil plan for vengeance (Ying)...(I like to think of myself as a tomboy)

I think that'll be enough for now...I don't think it'll be possible to add anymore stuff about me...¬_¬ (I don't talk much, but when I'm on the keyboard, no one can stop me!) Mwahahahahah!